Saturday, June 12, 2004

restrospecktiv of buddy don: lookin back at the furst year

twuz a year ago tomorrow whenever the author let me, buddy don, git my fangers on the keybird n start this here blog. ye aint had the splainayshun of how me n the author is related n all n i reckun ifn the auther ever gits round to splainin that, twill be on a counta buddy don bein dun, as twere.

lookin back on the furst year, heres a list of whut wuz accomplishd:

308 entries not countin thisn. 17652 unique visiters, witch thays minny a blgo that duz moren a day, but i aint cumplainin on a counta how the author started this here blog to rite im a novel n . . .

121 chapturs wuz writ in the life of buddy don, hillbilly, witch i know that lank only gives ye the furst 101 chapturs but i hope to git that fixed by the time ye dun red that far.

when ye put all them chapturs into a manuscrip lack ye wood use to publish a book, it cums to over 900 pages or bout 280,000 wurds, witch bleeve it or not, the author has sum publisher wontin to publish the hole thang once it ever gits dun.

besides that thar novel, thays sum other thangs lack pinions, stories n poems. heres a list of em:

pinions n uther ritins of buddy don:

1. wurd of the day: argon: argons a gas that dont kill ye, but ifn ye git down into a pit, it pushes out all the oxygen n ye die innyway. ye gut argon in the news too, witch reagan has been the argon keepin the reglar news offn the air lately.

2. whar musick cum frum n whut ye kin larn frum it

3. proovin the negativ

4. proovin innythang

5. wurd of the day: an algy -- whenever we merkins was agettin ready to invade iraq, we was subjected to talk of "peasmint" n that talk showd that we dont all rightly unnerstan todays wurd an algy.

6. thangs peeple bleevs

7. war on sum drugs

8. 1st of 7 dedly sins: pride (ye ought not woof) -- braggin bout how yer fixin to win is calld woofin n ye orta not doot

10. lessuns lurnt

11. the 9th cummandmint: thou shalt not bare fals witness agin yer naybor

12. covers n owe ridgnals -- more meditayshuns on musick

13. 3rd of 7 dedly sins: greed, part 1 (how gummint redistribushun of wealth wurks to make rich folks richer)

14. 3rd of 7 dedly sins: greed, part 2 (tax releef: them whuts gots gits) -- thays a bonus pinion on the same lank name of 'a lil bit more on oil'

15. musikul revu: jethro burns

16. eggzistentchul ahhngst

17. pinions of buddy don -- book revu: Big Lies: The Right Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth by Joe Conason

18. pinions of buddy don: ritin

19. 3rd of 7 dedly sins: anger

20. readin of buddy don: 1977 book list frum the search

21. pinions of buddy don: wurds

22. pinions of buddy don: christchun soljers

23. pinions of buddy don -- book revu: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence

24. pinions of buddy don -- a cuple literchur revus: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk n "The Glass Wife" by Lydia Copeland

25. foybulls of buddy don: still a lergick to likker

26. pinions of buddy don: a nuther riter, thisn name of george ochoa

27. refleckshuns of buddy don: seein hisself thru a nuthers eyes

28. pinions of buddy don: blogs are the sinapses of the growin global brain

29. pinions of buddy don: the art of war

30. pinions of buddy don: is this inny way to run a bizness? -- my novembur 25, 2003, assessmint of the new drug entitlement fer drug cumpnies wuz give by our gummint

31. pinions of buddy don: ye cant win harts n minds with bullets

32. pinions of buddy don: herd inny good publicans lately?

33. pinions of buddy don: could ye earmark that fer me? n a bonus pinion name of 'changin the tone on washington'

34. pinions of buddy don: why is everbidy always pickin on miraculls?

35. pinions of buddy don: kissin yer jobs goodbye -- thar leavin the cuntry!

36. pinions of buddy don: over thar, over thar, send our jobs, send our troops, over thar!

37. pinions of buddy don: is it jes me, or is the news all over the map?

38. pinions of buddy don: iraqi n arab cultchur: have we gut a clue?

39. pinions of buddy don: comp day

40. pinions of buddy don: bizarro news -- publicans under bush are the big spenders

41. recepts of buddy don: dream tater soup

42. pinions of buddy don: now that we gut saddam, mayhap we kin git sum ansers

43. pinions of buddy don: now that we gut saddam, whos nex?

44. pinions of buddy don: depends on whut the meanin of 'half' is

45. pinions of buddy don: whuts the differnts?

46. pinions of buddy don: whut happens to a tax deferrd?

47. pinions of buddy don: a fine piece of ritin

48. revus of buddy don: furst taste of sangle malt scotch whiskey

49. revus of buddy don: three of my favert blogs

50. pinions of buddy don: change in the air, then n now

51. pinions of buddy don: countin blessins

52. revues of buddy don: still countin blessins: bowmore sangle malt scotch whiskey

53. revus of buddy don: more of my favert blogs

54. ole ritin of buddy don: a few pomes writ while me n emily wuz in west germany

55. revues of buddy don: ledaig sangle malt scotch whiskey

56. revus of buddy don: tuesdys revu of sum favert blogs

57. quizzes of buddy don: whut is truth?

58. revus of buddy don: tuesdys blogsurvayshuns: cuple pundits

59. pinions of buddy don: still 1984 after all these years

60. pinions of buddy don: mind-readin them voters

61. pinions of buddy don: how to git publicans to vote fer runaway borryin

62. cuzins of buddy don: innerducin cuzin zac

63. ole ritin of buddy don: pomes frum hi skool

64. revus of buddy don: strange new sangle malt scotch whiskey name of linkwood

65. revus of buddy don: sum blogsurvayshuns

66. ole ritin of buddy don: story writ not long after me n emily gut back frum west germany -- "Scattered Afternoon Showers" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

67. pinions of buddy don: faith-based gummint

68. pinions of buddy don: addicktiv blogs -- my faverts amung the biguns

69. pinions of buddy don: march agin tragedy, war on terror, globalizayshun of everthang

70. maginayshun of buddy don: whut if? -- pinions bout whut mighta been with afghanistan n the war on the terrists that attacked us

71. more ole ritin of buddy don: story writ to make the group laff -- "Cleaning Up" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

72. stories of buddy don: story writ to play with point of view -- "Burned" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

73. ole stories of buddy don: story writ to git the group to stop laffin -- "Big Wheels Roll" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

74. ole stories of buddy don: story writ to play with form -- "Hooks" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

75. pinions of buddy don: three quick obsurvayshuns

76. nite life of buddy don: a bar thats famus fer sangle malt scotch

77. ole ritin of buddy don: story frum a novel that never gut writ -- "A Difficult Departure" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

78. ole ritin of buddy don: story the group called a classick -- "Slave of Desire" -- one of the stories writ fer the group

79. pinions of buddy don: on bein a riter

80. ole ritin of buddy don: a nuther story writ fer the group -- "Savage Romance"

81. pinions of buddy don: flossofy at 29

82. man hattan nite life of buddy don: sangle malt tastin at keens

83. notes of buddy don: obsurvayshuns frum sangle malt tastin

84. revu of buddy don: good soldier švejk by jaroslav hašek

85. idees of buddy don: books that could be writ -- manely books i wood luv to read frum my favert bloggers

all in all, twuz a good year n im shore glad the auther lets me peck at the keybird ever now n then. me n miz bd is bout to git on the rode to ohio. im a'hopin i kin blog on the rode, but we'll see whuther i kin git conneckted. meanwhile, i hope ye kin find sumthin to read in that thar list of thangs.

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