Tuesday, March 02, 2004

revus of buddy don:
tuesdys revu of sum favert blogs

as ye mite have noticed, i try to hilight a few blogs ever tuesdy. i look fer them that seems to stand out fer sum reason. i dun tole ye a bunch of criteria i been a'usin fer blogs that relies manely on wurds. to date, we have looked at the followin fine blogs, either direck or by passin menchun:

today im gonna pay tenchun to four sites that shares good originull pitchers with us. heres my criteria:

  1. originull: the pitchers cant be stole frum sumbidy else, witch theys a passel of theeves out thar in the blogosphere who bleeves that ifn they aint makin money on a site, then taint rong to steal frum fotogruffers who sell thar wurk fer a livin, witch thats jes rong logick on a counta tiz theft ifn ye take it without astin. period. 
  2. story tellin: theys a sayin bout ever pitcher tells a story, but lack folks, thays good story-tellers n them that aint so good n fer my money, the ones im revuin today are the goodns.

David Alan Wolters Photography
sos we kin all git a good idee bout how good pitchers kin git, heres the site of a perfeshnull feller i found out about via Purls Before Swine. with pitchers this good, ye dont need too minny wurds frum me to muck em up, so bes way to larn bout how good pitchers kin git is to go to the site.

The Blog Formerly Known as Queen Medb's Castle
far as i kin tell, queen medb aint no perfeshnull fotogruffer, but shes gut a grate eye fer a good foto. fer instunts, she cawt the bes part of the snow here n here. but thems jes a warm up, cold as they mite look. ye kin scroll thru all her pitchers here. amung my faverts are them of the stuff she dun found in stoneys attick, lack my favert, witch it looks a lot lack a gittar but smells lack a cigret butt. dont go lookin at them thangs frum stoneys attick ifn ye aint gut a strong stumach!

A Smokey Mountain Journal
a feller name of fletcher runs this here site n i have to add mitt tiz one of my verr faverts. i try to check it everday. ifn ye long fer the mountains n cant git to em verr often, this heres the place fer ye to go. tiz hard to pick faverts frum amung all his pitchers, but heres a few that oughta git ye started good: cow n genlemun, walking the line, just one more morning, n monarch of the mountain.

favertism alert: the nextn is a blog by my cuzin janet dagley dagley!

The Dagley Dagley Daily
my cuzin lives jes across the river frum manhattan n she makes good use of her point of view to take pitchers. tiz a hole nuther worl cumpard to fletchers smokey mounains with pitchers lack calm reflections, toy gun trick was no treat, n a series of fotos showin a cruze ship cum in name of watch this space.

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