Monday, March 15, 2004

skolarship of buddy don (with plenty hep):
added usage eggzamples fer the letter 'b' to the hillbilly dickshunairy

i added sum usage eggzamples fer the letter 'b' to the hillbilly dickshunairy i been a'wurkin on here lately. i tuck almos all of em frum the novel this hole blog is more or less created fer me to rite, witch that wood be life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. to make em a lil easier to see, i colord the eggzamples blue. here's a lil idee how they cum out fer the letter 'b':

  • bettern: [contraction] better than  ("i stowed the bibl trax in the pouch of a seat next to mine thankin maybe sum one else could use em bettern me")

  • beverly: [noun] Beverly  ("corse, i wudnt bound fer no beverly hills, not with 80 cent n a box of moon pies to my name")

  • bidy: [noun] body  ("whut i hadnt figgerd on wuz how tard a bidy gits after cookin till 3 am, witch thats when the restrunt closed")

  • biggern: [contraction] bigger one  ("thang wuz my mamas fambly wuz biggern n bout half dixiecrat even if they wuz livin in east tennessee, so thay wuz lots of vote cancelayshun a'gone on twixt the two sides")

  • bildin, buildin: [noun] building  ("mos of oak ridge in them days wuz prefab housin that they brung in whenever they wuz bildin the manhattan projeck")

  • bildins, buildins: [noun] buildings  ("them bildins wuz mosly deserted overnite")

  • billyun: [noun] billion  ("the nashnull debt wuz all the way up to $380 billyun")

  • billyun: [adjective] billion  ("thay wuz a billyun ways to cut it, but it kep on a'growin")

  • bilt: [verb] built  ("i wuz sprized whenever the moon cum up at how cold it got so i bilt me a lil far")

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