Thursday, March 04, 2004

medicull examinayshuns of buddy don:
pointment with famus dr. alexander mauskop

a cuple days ago, me n miz bd went on over to the upper east side of manhattan sos i could have my pointment with dr. alexander mauskop, witch hes famus fer bein hed of the new york hedache center. twuz a lil lack watchin one of them chefs that makes sushi, witch thats a deelishus kinda raw fish rapped roun a lil glob of sticky rice. ifn ye ever seen one of em in ackshun, then ye know they dont hardly waste no moshuns. so twuz with this feller. he gut me to lookin thisaway n walkin thataway n he looked in my eyes with a lite thang he had n made me walk a strate line lack he wuz a wunderin wuz i drunk, witch i wisht i coulda been. yew name it, he dun it to me to find out whut wuz a'cawsin the problem.

best news is whuts not cawsin it: taint no tumor, taint no anyourism, taint no other weird nuthin a'growin in my hed, witch i sorta dun proved that by puttin up them pitchers of my brane.

but the news wuznt all good. fer one thang, he tole me i wood half to quit drankin coffee, witch thays lil in this worl i luv moren a good cup of strong black coffee. then he give me a bunch of thangs to take everday lack migralief n Co Q10 n tole me i wuz a'gonna half to quit takin migraine strangth excedrin everday lack i been a'doin since bout a year ago. finely, he sed i wood half to git 20-30 mints or aerobick ecksersize everday, witch i dont know how ima gone wurk that in on a counta how i wurk 11 hours a day n spend a cuple on blogs n the res with miz bd. but twill half to be dun!

finely, i wonta send out a big thankee to deb of sugarfused fer sendin me this articull on migraines name of 'Not all headaches are created equal.' ifn ye dint know, deb is one of the worls best riters of haiku. go over thar n check to see if thay aint one ye lack near the top of the page or click on her lank to haiku.

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