Saturday, March 20, 2004

spar time of buddy don:
strange new sangle malt scotch whiskey

last time me n miz bd went to pick us out a differnt sangle malt down to the likker store here in town, they tole us bout this place overn man hattan name of park avenue likker only tiz on madison n 41st street. as folks lacks to say up in here, 'go figguh!' twuz sed to have one of the best seeleckshuns around, so i tuck a brake at wurk n walked down.

fer one thang, bleeve it or not, thar prices wuz better. i ackshly found a sangle malt name of glen garioch 10 year fer roun $20, witch i bought it in honor of the rocky top brigade. thay wuz also this uthern thar name of linkwood aged 15 year in a sherry butt. twuz such a odd color that i figgerd id git it jes to see whut wood sumthin lack that taste lack. the manjer thar sed twuz rite poplar overn europe, witch that dont bother me. heres a pitchur of bofem whar ye kin see how odd the color is of the linkwood, witch ifn ye caint read, tiz the one on the lef.

heres a nuther perspecktiv on it:

nuther odd thang bout it is how each bottle is hand numberd:

we tested the glen garioch last night, witch twuznt bad, but sartinly not the best eethur. i plan to do a revue of all the ones we dun colleckted plus sum macallan 12 year for a total of 8 of em side by side. but fer now, back to the tastin, alreddy in progress.

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