Tuesday, March 02, 2004

skolarship of buddy don:
the hillbilly dickshunairy n how ye kin hep make it better

mayhap ye know sum wurds that blongs in the hillbilly dickshunairy. ifn ye let me know bout em, ye stand to win the follerin mosly wurthless prizes:

(1) a listin of yer wurd or fraze in the hillbilly dickshunairy;

(2) a lank frum wandering hillbilly to yer site with a wurd of thanks frum buddy don, n

(3) a lank to yer site frum the hillbilly dickshunairy.

heres how ye kin share yer wurd or fraze with the worl by gittin it into the dickshunairy:

  1. figger out a wurd or fraze that oughta be in thar
  2. rite it down in a email to buddy don OR . . .
  3. rite it down in a comment to the hillbilly dickshunairy

i speshly favor eggspreshuns lack 'lawsy day' or sayins lack 'its untellin' or wurds that aint used everwhar, lack 'skillet' or 'vittles,' but innythang will be cunsidderd n probly put in.

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