Monday, March 08, 2004

add vice of buddy don:
dont waste yer time thisaway!

i wonted to cum up with a easier way of keepin up with the hillbilly dickshunairy, so i put it into a eggcell spredsheet n tride to see could i cum up with a lil vba program to do the hardes parts of cleanin up the wurds. i figgerd twood take mayhap 20 mints, witch that jes shows ye how long its been since i wuz doin nuthin but vba programmin full-time. fer one thang, tiz amazin how minny lil tricks ye kin fergit. fer a nuther, seems lack debuggin the program ye writ takes longern ever! so i dint git close to bein dun with it but i did waste my hole mornin thankin twuz gone be easy n quick. twuznt eethur one.

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