Monday, March 01, 2004

notes of buddy don:
whut happend to chaptur 108

thays a ole sayin in the ritin biz, witch tiz that thar aint no such thang as riting, jes re-ritin. ye kin jes magine the kinda job i gut a hed of me whenever i git dun with the hole life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. tiz alreddy over 800 pages n the parts thats dun writ could be broke into a cuple of books, so to speak, two parts of the hole thang. i wuz talkin bout that verr thang with a publisher tuther day. she wood be reddy to cunsidder doin a volume or two now, but i dont wonta take my tenchun off gittin the hole thang writ thru befor goin back over everthang.

innywho, tuther day whenever i rote the furst draft of chaptur 108, i dint have a nuff time to doot rite. i had slept a lil late that nite n had a early meetin i had to git to, so i wuznt atall happy with the result. i know how twill be importunt to go over the hole novel once tiz dun sos i kin do a majur rewrite of everthang, but now n then i cant take how poorly a chaptur stands at a moment. so i dun a edit of chaptur 108, witch is whut ye see below. it still dont doot justus, but tiz a lil closer n should remind me whut i need to do.

i pray i live long a nuff n that my helth dont fail. thays a bunch yet to go on this tale n i dream of the satisfackshun of gittin it dun.

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