Saturday, March 20, 2004

ole ritin of buddy don:
pomes frum hi skool

There once was a cat who lived on a farm,
In the hay, in the hayloft, inside of the barn.
In the very same barn, there lived a brown cow,
Who made chocolate milk, nobody knew how.

Now the cat fell in love with the cow's silent eyes,
And finally proposed, in spite of their sizes,
But the cow only sighed with a weary, "Ah me."
For she was already in love with a tree.


My Friend Lives in a Balloon

One of my friends lives in a balloon,
the other one lives
on the other side of the mirror.

They admire each other.


this is only a test 
for the next seventy years
your soul will be undergoing
a series of tests.

do not adjust your body.

do not call the station for information:
none will be forthcoming.

at the conclusion of the test
normal programming will be resumed 
thank you for your cooperation.

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