Saturday, March 13, 2004

skolarship of buddy don (with plenty hep):
usage eggzamples fer the letter 'a' has been added to the hillbilly dickshunairy
wurd count is up to 1,905

i added sum usage eggzamples fer the letter 'a' to the hillbilly dickshunairy i been a'wurkin on here lately. i tuck almos all of em frum the novel this hole blog is more or less created fer me to rite, witch that wood be life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. jes sos ye kin have a  lil idee, heres how sum of em look:

  • a'larnin: [verb] learning ("he sed it felt better to live in doubt but to be a'larnin bout the truth, than to be sartin ye had the truth but livin in fear of doubt")

  • a'layin: [verb] laying ("the two of em wood play fer a hour at a stretch, tinker a'layin in daddys lap n battin at daddys hands n lettin daddy grab his hed")

  • albukerkee: [noun] Albuquerque ("10 cent fer albukerkee jurnl")

  • a'lettin: [verb] allowing ("she wuz a wunderin why she wuz a'lettin herself be hurt by the lacks of christopher martin")

  • algeria: [noun] Algeria ("he wuz in algeria durin the revolushun thar n gut half a ear cut off, witch we hadnt noticed it till then")

i added wurds frum the followin chapturs of the novel: 

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