Tuesday, March 09, 2004

revus of buddy don:
tuesdys blogsurvayshuns: cuple pundits

tiz tuesdy n that means tiz time to give ye sum blogsurvayshuns, witch thats my own hifalutin wurd fer revus of blogs. i dun picked on the followin blogs by doin revus of em:  

today im gonna pay tenchun to cupla sites thats devoted mosly to punditry. the wurd pundit cums frum the hindi langwage, witch it means a educayted person, a learned one, a skolar, that kinda thang. nowdays, tiz used to point to folks thats given out thar pinions n the argumints behind em. to tell the goodns frum tutherns, in my pinion, theys a cuple thangs ye gut to watch fer:

  1. intelleckchewall honesty: thays plenty of woodbe pundits out thar that lacks to take idees frum other folk n repeat em, witch when ye do that without givin credit whar tiz due, taint intelleckchewall honesty. 
  2. arguments, not jes cute comments or the futherin of sumbidy elses fuss n fite: a good pundit will show ye the evidents, put it together in sum kinda coheesiv argument that makes a point. lots of yer commentary sites dont do much moren give ye a lank with a comment long the lines of how they knew the worl wuz goin to hell in a handbasket in this here lank is proof. or they mite rite, 'see here (n the lank wood be on the word 'here'), them [pick one] ... (1) publicans, (2) demcrats, (3) libruls, (4) cunservtivs, (5) wingnuts, (6) moonbats, (7) folks that dont thank jes lack i do or (8) folks that dont thank jes lack the party i root fer ... is at it agin.' this kinda thang aint whut i call good punditry. tiz lettin us all know whut ye red today n witch side yer a'rootin fer. a good pundit gives ye a argument that kin make ye thank or make ye a lil more educayted.

thays minny a one that tries this kinda thang. here's a cuple i lack a lot.

South Knox Bubba
far be it frum me to critsize mr. bubba on a counta hes dun more fer me than i could ever do in return. fack is, ye kin find a lil of everthang, good n bad, on his site. thang is, ifn ye stop by often, yer bound to run into gems lack Apocalypse November, witch tiz not only sum fine punditry, but well writ to boot. granted, he lacks to give ye the quick hit comments n thays purty perdicktabull, but im sprized at how often he finds thangs ye dont see everwhar, witch i preciate that. hes also dun sum grate bits of ackshul jurnalism, lack when he cuverd wes clarks or george bushs visits to k-town. he kin also sprize ye with his views, departin frum the standurd moonbat lines, such as his take on religious discrimination, the divinty student case. but fer me, whut makes his site speshul is his eggcellent punditry: The Whole World Is Watching:  A History of Uncivil Disobedience, SOTU Speech (he was as quick to spot this dog fer whut twuz as innybidy out thar), n his reportin of the real state of amurkin commerce with these two, one on pizza hut name of Happy New Year! n tuthern on his eggsperients with abercrombie n fitch name of 'Tis the Season.  hes also gut a real strong stummick, witch thats how he kin put together a Freepers on Parade: the Best of 2003. i reckon everbidy alreddy knows bout his talent with photoshop, witch that aint eggzackly punditry, but it aint eggzakly not.

Second-Day Lede
this here blog is purty much bran new but off to a grate start, witch that aint no sprize to me on a counta tiz the wurk of my cuzin janet dagley dagley. in case ye dont know much bout her, she wus the kind that made strate a marks in skool in even gut skipped frum secunt to thurd grade, the kind yer mama wood use as a eggzample of how ye oughta do. thang is, i dint git to know her much atall till jes recently when it turnt out we wuz bof in the nyc metropoltun area. innywho, she wuz born to rite bout whuts a'goin on in this here worl, witch she wuz gittin paid fer writin jurnalism by the time she wuz 18 years old. shes dun writ fer the dayton daily news, the orange county register n the los angeles times. in short, she knows jurnalism inside out, n thats bof the promiss n the best thang bout second day lede. shes lookin at how jurnalism wurks n how sum stories is played big to hide otherns. shes wurkin on doin pure punditry, witch thats verr hard to do. sum eggzamples: Why same-sex marriage isn't for the majority, or the states, to decide; The news story that wasn't; Lord of the Hats in the Ring; n Truffle-skin ballots may be our only hope. ye kin discount whut i say bout this here blog on a counta it bein writ by a cuzin of mine, but please give it a read furst. ye wont be disappointed. fack is, i dint lack folks tellin me i oughta be more lack her whenever i wuz lil, but im lackin her purty good now n wishin i could rite lack she duz.

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