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pinions of buddy don:
mind-readin them voters

via skip perry from skiplog, i gut a lil reminder that thangs aint ever as simple as they seem, speshly whenever it cums to mind-readin them voters. i wuz ritin bout the spanish leckshun yesterdy n the main point i wonted to make wuz how ye caint say fer sartin that the vote wuz a victry fer al queda. my points wuz how 90% of the folks in spain wuz agin the war befor aznar tuck em into it. they even had a march with over a millyun folks cummin out. so to me, it seemd they wuz lettin him know they dint lack his ignorin the will of his people.

but twuz a fack that thangs seemd to be hedded tords a victry fer the party in power, aznars party, till them bombs went off. i jes now dun a scan of google news fer stories on the spanish leckshun n heres whut cum up n the reasons they give fer the vote:

  1. Analysts Disagree on al Qaeda Response to Spanish Vote
    Cybercast News Service - 22 minutes ago

    • 'Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's decisions to support the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and to commit troops to the subsequent peacekeeping mission are almost universally blamed for his defeat in Sunday's election.'

    • 'Alan Caruba, founder of the National Anxiety Center, believes the election "sent a clear message to al Qaeda: Their bombing worked.'

    • 'Johnson predicted that Socialist Prime Minister-Elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's promise to pull troops out of Iraq will do absolutely nothing to protect his nation from al Qaeda. "This was not an attack carried out by Saddam Hussein supporters in order to weaken the ability of the United States in Iraq," Johnson continued. "These guys genuinely look at places like Spain as former Muslim territory that must be recovered."'in other wurds, wuz the spanish spozed to be defendin thar territory agin it gittin retuck by the muslims?

  2. LONDON: Spanish vote leaves Blair looking isolated on Iraq
    New Straits Times, Malaysia - 10 hours ago

    • 'British Prime Minister Tony Blair woke up short of a key European ally for his Iraq policy today, after Spain’s newly-elected leader accused him and US President George W. Bush of going to war on the basis of lies.' (in other wurds, twuz the spanish folk reactin agin the lies they bleev they wuz tole by bush n blair to git em to go long with supportin the war.)

  3. Spanish vote shows fear has upper hand
    Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA - 22 hours ago

    • 'Voters listened closely and, in direct acquiescence to terrorist extortion, decided to vote for the party that promised to take them out of Iraq.'

  4. Spanish Vote Studied in Europe
    Cybercast News Service - 16 hours ago

    • 'Voters elected Socialist Party challenger Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero because they saw the government's failure to acknowledge al Qaeda's involvement as political manipulation. Spanish public opinion had already strongly disagreed with Aznar's pro-U.S. position on Iraq and the vote was a final disavowal of his foreign policy.'

  5. Spanish vote sends out wrong message
    The Scotsman, UK - Mar 15, 2004

    • 'The bombers have achieved something which terrorists had never thought possible. Murder enough voters at election time, it appears, and it is possible to engineer your own regime change. Spain’s election shows that terrorism works.'

  6. Shock Spanish vote blamed on backlash
    Glasgow Evening Times, UK - Mar 15, 2004

    • 'It is widely believed the former government's support for the war in Iraq and its initial insistence that ETA were to blame for the train bombs caused the shock result.'

  7. Grieving Spanish vote out leaders
    Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - Mar 15, 2004

    • '"The war they got us into, against our will, cost so much," said Alex Rierasanz, 24, a student walking a Madrid street after midnight, waving a red and white flag of the victorious Socialist Party. "We saw that Thursday morning. They lost because their lies angered the people and got many more out to vote against them." Exit polls and Spanish media reports indicated that Rierasanz was a typical voter.'

as ye kin see, thays plenty of folk that bleevs twuz a simple response to the terrsts attackin em. but thays a nuther thang to cunsidder, witch is whut skip wuz a'pointin out, witch twuz how the gummint tride to use the terrst attack as a eggscuze to attack eta. i reckon that could be a facter, but i caint find much support fer it.

but thays sum aroun:

  1. Why won't Howard let us trust anyone?
    Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 15 hours ago

    • 'Does the government think we’re stupid? The former Spanish government thought its people were when it blamed ETA for the bombings without evidence, and look what happened to it!'

  2. Voters Oust Spanish Government
    WBBM, IL - Mar 15, 2004

    • 'But the disaster, which the government initially blamed on the Basque separatist group ETA, threw the election wide open. The attack was followed by emotional rallies across the country.

      Critics accused the government, which had trumpeted its crackdown on ETA, of manipulating the investigation for political gain. That struck a chord with voters.

      “The Popular Party has made me lose faith in politics,” said Juan Rigola, 23, a biologist in Barcelona. “It deserves to lose and to see the Spanish people turn against them.”

      The electorate of 34.5 million included about 1.9 million mostly young voters added to the rolls since the 2000 general election.

      “I didn't intend to vote, but changed my mind,” said Javi Martin, 30, who works for a TV station in Madrid. “And not because of the attacks, but because of the responsibility of the Popular Party. They gave out information drop by drop. It would have benefited them if it were ETA.” '

thays plenty more, but ye git the idee.

so . . . conclushuns?

  1. sum voters wuz mad at aznars gummint frum the beginnin on a counta how they dint wont to support the war

  2. sum voters wuz skeerd by the bombins n figgerd twood be better jes not to fite terrsts who wood do such awful thangs

  3. sum voters wuz mad bout the way aznars gummint tride to use the attacks fer politicull gain

  4. sum voters wuz motivated to vote even tho they had plannd to say home, witch accordin to most of whut i red, they dint change how they voted but jes deecided they wood vote

  5. no matter whut ye bleev, tiz a mitey stretch to thank al quaeda could read the voters minds n figger witch way they wood react to bein attacked

  6. fack is, ye caint read the voters minds verr well, neethur befor nor after the eleckshun

whut could this mean fer our november vote? well, seems lack conslucshuns #3 & #4 could go agin bush on a counta how he has been using 9/11 fer politicull gain frum the verr beginnin. also, i know a slew of folks thats gonna vote this time n nun of em seem to be goin fer bush.

thays a nuther potentchull conclushun ye could make frum this:

isnt the way so minny folks on the rite wuz so quick to give al queda 'credit' fer the victry jes invitin al queda to try it agin fer the nex eleckshun that cums up sumwhar in a cuntry that wonted to invade iraq?

hmm . . . witch cuntry wood that be?

italy? 2006

united kingdom? 2005

usa? 2004

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