Wednesday, March 10, 2004

skolarship of buddy don (with plenty hep):
parts o'speech has been added to the hillbilly dickshunairy
wurd count up to 1,540!

well, i gut my lil eggcell program wurkin, witch that should make it a lil easier to add thangs lack new wurds n parts o'speech. by n by i hope to add eggzamples of usage n pernunceeayshun n such lack, but rite now i need to splain to them folks overn manhattan how im a'runnin a lil late.

ifn ye wonta hep with sum wurds ye know, thays instruckshuns bout how ye kin doot at the verr beginnin of the hillbilly dickshunairy. the pays piss poor, witch all ye git is a lil fame as a skolar n a lank to yer site . . . n my thanks.

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