Saturday, March 06, 2004

skolarship of buddy don everbidy:
the hillbilly dickshunairy hits 1,413 wurds!

The Hillbilly Dickshunairy
Vol I, No. 4                           March 6, 2004

im plum tuckerd out. i been wurkin on that thang all day, stickin in the wurds frum the furst seven chapturs of the novel im a'ritin name of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly:

i dun had sum fine hep frum other skolars in the field, listed below. i thank em one n all. ifn ye wood lack cuntribute, yed git the same treatment, witch ye kin find out how to git yer wurds er frazes added over at the hillbilly dickshunairy.

Thanks and Kudos
to the followin skolars
(wurds suggested so far)

SemiPundit (24)
South Know Bubba (19)
SayUncle (6)
lovable liberal (5)
Jean Jenkins (5)
Cleek (4)
[hay cleek: whut duz skeenk mean?]
Tommy Acuff (3)
Chris Woodby (3)
Skip Perry (3)
Phillip J. Birmingham (3)
andrew adams (2)
Smijer (2)
Dhawk (1)
Janet Dagley Dagley (1)

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