Thursday, March 04, 2004

more skolarship of buddy don everbidy:
30 wurds or frazes added to the hillbilly dickshunairy

nobidy could be more sprized than me bout how folks is heppin with the hillbilly dickshunairy. i gut goodns frum SemiPundit, andrew adams, tommy acuff of Big Stupid Tommy fame, the lovable liberal n the garden party. tiz almos moren i kin handle, but thats jes the kinda problem i lack. one thang i wood ast, witch ifn yer a'wantin to hep out with sum wurds or frazes ye know, please send em to me by email or by puttin in comments at the bottom of the dickshunairy. twood be even better ifn ye did bof.

sum wus wunderin bout whuther i wuz innerested in frazes lack 'it cum a flood' or 'my heds a bustin.' anser is ye couldnt hardly find nuthin i lack more.

progress so far: we dun made it to 936 wurds or frazes. thankee fer yer hep . . . n keep it a'cummin!

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