Tuesday, March 23, 2004

revus of buddy don:
sum blogsurvayshuns

i aint a'gonna try to do no revus of blogs today, but i did wonta menchun sum deevelopments in blogs i lack to check, witch seems to me lack thars a lot of good thangs a'goin on in the blogosphere:

  1. ifn ye aint a fan of oldcatman, ye mite wonta git started. the deevelopment here is how he went frum a site bout oldcatman's brain farts to a new format, oldcatman: a man of letters. tiz a good form fer his idees.

  2. whut used to be calpundit is now policital animal, which tiz a eggzample of a reglar blogger gittin hired to do his bloggin fer money. tiz a good deevelopment fer us that lacks the kinda thankin kevin drum has been sharin with us.

  3. finely, a nuther nice deevelopment happend over to the whiskey bar. as ye mite know by now, bartender billmon had so minny folks cummin to read his thoughts to whar he wuz a'gonna half to pay exter fer the bandwidth. so he deecided he wood put up a lil tip jar to see ifn folks wuz innerested in heppin him pay to keep in bizness. i musta blanked on a counta how i missd that thar tip jar: he colleckted over $4,000 in under a day.

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