Tuesday, March 30, 2004

pinions of buddy don:
addicktiv blogs -- my faverts amung the biguns

tiz tuesdy, time to look over sum blogs. today lets take a look at six of the more sucksessfull amung em -- them that gits more comments on their most recent articulls than the hits i git in a week. i half to add mitt to becumin addicted to a few, witch i know thar all more or less on the left side of thangs, but theys well writ, purty to look at ceptn fer The Daily Howler, n almos always loaded with info i wonted but dint speck to read. so here's my list of faverts amung the biguns:

  1. The Daily Howler: twuz the furst blog i gut to readin on a reglar basis, witch i dint even know twuz a blog fer the longest. whut mr. somerby dun to lock me in wuz to show how awful the press wuz treatin al gore. once i wuz hooked, i larnt that the man has no limits on who he wood attack, witch tiz innybidy in the press who dont play far. he makes his readers mad ever now n agin whenever he points out folks on the lef usin shady tackticks. fer me, tiz the best blog fer press criticism i ever found. let me know if thars a bettern.
  2. liberaloasis: i found thisn frum plastic, witch thats whar i found media whores online, witch thats a nuther purty goodn but they take thangs too far fer my taste on a counta they git to be actin lack them thar critisizin. whut i lack best bout liberaloasis is the insights on how eleckshuns wurk, how issues gits played in the press, whut kinda stratgy mite wurk agin mr bush.
  3. Altercation: i gut to readin thisn frum a tip on media horse (as tiz calld by minny folk), but it dint take till i had red a cuple of books by eric alterman, witch the furstn wuz What Liberal Media n the one im jes bout dun readin is The Book on Bush, witch that book has gut ever thang ye could wont on the problem of how we aint gittin the truth frum our gummint at the moment. ye know whut point of view to speck frum eric alterman, but his readin is vorayshus, his taste in musick is eggcellent, n his readers write in bout half his column everday, witch sumtimes they put in the best bits.
  4. Talking Points Memo: thisns the blog of joshua micah marshall, witch ye dont hardly find a better mind in the land of bloggin. he aint satisfied with makin a quick joke n givin ye a lank to the story, witch that seems to occupy bout half the space on three quarters of the blogs out thar. in sted, he gives ye insight n analysis. fer eggzample, long befor condi rice finely add mitted mr bush had indeed pushed richard clarke to find a iraq conneckshun on 9/12, mr marshall had analyzed it thisaway: ifn thar wuznt no meeting, thar wood be no witnesses, witch that wood mean that ifn thar wuz a meetin that could be denied, couldnt nobidy but mr bush n mr clarke be thar n the claim that no such meetin happend wood be a he said vs he said situwayshun. but on 60 mints, twuz sed thar wuz two witnesses, witch that dint git mr steven hadley to add mitt nuthin. point mr marshall wuz makin is how it had to be mr bush tellin the lie that thay wuznt no meetin on a counta how other witnesses couldnt verr well say that, witch turnt out they wuz sayin the verr opposit. (corse now everbidy knows the meetin happend.) tiz hard to find a blog that has dun a better job of keepin up with the smear campain agin richard clarke than thisn. 
  5. Whiskey Bar: i aint been readin thisn verr long, but tiz a goodn. whut i notice bout all these biguns amung blogs is how they post sevrul times each day (not countin the furst two, witch they post jes the one time). that means ye kin go back agin n agin to git billmon's take on thangs thats brakin news. i find his analysis wurthy. taint a site ye go to fer lanks to stories. ye go thar fer insights into thangs.
  6. Political Animal: thisns the new blog of calpundit, witch thats probly a nuff sed fer minny folk. whenever i wuz furst readin mr drums old blog, whut amazed me wuz how quick he wuz to reack to news n how apt his obsurvayshuns wuz. so he has turnt into one of them i wonta read ever day.

whuts best bout how blogs has cum on is by the time i git home frum wurk, me n miz bd has dun read all the news, witch we also watch the bbc world news ever evenin on a counta how ye git a lot of news that dont make it into the poplar entertainment news that amurkin news cumpnies speshulize in. but we save them blogs i listed above n then read em together over a lil jack daniels, witch ifn we kin find that mythicull $20 sangle malt scotch, we mite switch, but fer now, we save the scotch fer the weekends. but we save the blogs listed above fer the evnins . . . n yes, i am a verr lucky man to have a woman that lacks to read the same stuff i lack n lacks to eggsplore sangle malt scotches. bof good blogs n that sangle malt scotch is real addicktiv.


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