Wednesday, June 23, 2004

vacayshun of buddy don: alreddy thar in my mind

i gut to go wurk today, but aint nobidy specktin much outta me on a counta tiz that last day at wurk befor startin a vacayshun, witch i wont be back at wurk till july 6 or 7, dependin on sum volunteer wurk that mite keep me out on july 6. so i feel lazy alreddy, witch reminds me of kramer in seinfeld whar he sed bout a vacayshun, 'i'm alreddy there in my mind.' i bet my boss will say that line to me n dependin on whuther alreddy thar myself, i mite agree with him. i mite jes stare off into space n ast him later did he say innythang. but i will be gone alreddy by then . . .

. . . back to tennessee!

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