Thursday, June 17, 2004

wanderins of buddy don: goin home

i caint cumplain inny bout this trip on a counta how i met n broke bred with a slew of folk that wurks together with the huge support team heppin our firm. i sumtimes tuck folks to lunch in shifts, larnt the short way to wurk, showed a few blue blackberry tricks to folks, that kinda thang. miz bd gut time with sum of her fambly.

now tiz time to drive back to new jersey, witch we used to do such drives in a sangle stretch, but i reckun we'll stop along the way. tiz a indulgents ye give yerself whenever ye start gittin a lil older. ye git to whar ye realize taint wurth the money ye save to risk noddin off at the wheel. so ye stop even when ye wish ye could git home faster.

aint nuthin lack goin home to the cumferts of yer own life. twill be so nice to sleep in our own bed agin!

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