Wednesday, June 09, 2004

amazement of buddy don: a tennessee mountain in man hattan

a bidy kin only dwell on bad news n hard times fer so long. fack is, no matter how bad thangs gits, thays still sum good times. our lil fambly has been going thru a few miles of bad rode here lately, so twuz a real treat whenever my boss ast me could he buy me dinner at a place he knew bout. turnts out to be a restaurant down in a nayborhood name of soho. the restaurant is one i been to a cuple times before, but not in near fifteen years. tiz a place the featchurs bar-b-cue name of tennessee mountain restaurant.

taint the same as bein in tennessee -- corse, nuthin is -- but tiz purty close in sum ways. they gut bar-b-cue smells in thar that make ye drool lack a dog at a pick nick n thay sell a beer name of blue moon that cums from memphis. i dont eat meat ceptn fer fish so i orderd cajun catfish with rice, witch twuz a deelightful treat. my boss had im sum of the pulld pork n i half to say, twuz all i could do to resist it. i been a fish-eatin vegetarian fer minny a year, n fer the mos part, i dont git tempted by inny meat, but the smells of that place n the look of that pulld pork swimmin in a lil puddle of bar-b-cue sauce all piled onto a biskit made me wonta take a bite or even order me sum, but i resisted. my boss bought im a cuple them blue moons n i stuck to jack daniels. the place had em sumthin thay call tennessee moonshine, but turnt out to be a mixed drank, or i wooda had sum.

so in the blessin-countin bizness, let me add these two to the list: (1) gut a real good boss, the kind ye kin sit down n have dinner with n not talk bout wurk ceptn fer a joke or two n (2) a good meal tastes grate even when yer famblys a'goin thru a real hard crisis.

turnt out thay wuz more to the blessins to be counted than i knew. miz bd wonted to cum to the dinner, but sumbidy needed to visit the payshunt, so she dun that part of it. whenever i gut home, she wuz thar. turnt out the payshunt had made sum strides in the rite die-reckshun after bein treated verr porely by a rogue nurse. twuz the kinda thang that coulda set everthang back to whar the payshunt wood be wurser than befor, but in sted, twuz a fite the payshunt n everbidy round wonted to fite. n that hepped the payshunt see thangs better n twuz one of the bes days yet. so we kin count the blessin of thar bein sum good news frum the hospital.

me n miz bd saverd the moment las nite with a lil talk. she pored herself sum glenmorangie 10 year n i drunk a lil water sos we could toast the payshunt n good times lack las nite, even if they cum lack a oasis in the desert of hard times.

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