Tuesday, June 01, 2004

long weekend of buddy don: fambly crisis

i caint say much bout whuts botherin me most n whut tuck away this last weekend, but tiz verr simlar to whut happend with eli whenever he wuz furst diagnosed as a skizofrenick. he gut to choose whuther he wood be in the hospital even when he couldnt make sense of nuthin. he gut to deecide whuther he wood take his medicayshun or not, witch he wood abuse it by not takin it or takin too much. ever time he refused hep, he gut wurse n wurse. each time he refused to take his medicine, he gut sicker n bit by bit he gut to the point whar he couldnt be sane agin in life. as one docter put it, he had insulted his brain too minny times fer it to wurk rite.

taint eli this time, but the ackshuns are the same. the hartbrake is wurse on a counta ye know whar tiz a'goin n nuthin ye kin say or do will change innythang. we gut our patient as far as signin into the hospital, but we caint make the patient stay thar nor cooperate with them docters nor nuthin.

tiz a gawd awful shame to half to stand by hepless n witness the willful wastin of a life.

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