Wednesday, June 02, 2004

revu of buddy don: good soldier švejk

i red this book here lately name of the good soldier švejk by a bohemian author name of jaroslav hašek, witch ifn ye know yer geogruffy n histry, ye know bohemia is whar folks that speak czech live, witch twuz called czechoslovakia till twuz made its own cuntry name of the czech republic.

innywho, the good soldier švejk is one of the worlds masterpieces of army literchur, even better than joseph hellers masterpiece, catch 22. i wont bore ye with too much bout it ceptn to say how tiz one of the funniest books ye could ever read. i gut to laffin so hard one nite that miz bd had to considder usin the hindlick manoover on me.

tiz the kinda book ye mite speck to be writ by sumbidy that wuz a grunt in a war, witch tiz bout all the frustrayshun of hurryin up n waitin n wontin to git food n sleep n booze n women n all that kinda thang. tiz also the story bout a feller who gits caught up in worl war one n the fack is, švejk is a lil on the simple minded side of thangs. the hole thang opens with his charwoman tellin švejk bout the assassinayshun of archduke franz ferdinand in sarajevo, witch thats the event that gut the furst worl war a'goin. švejks anser is tipicull of how he thanks bout thangs:

'Which Ferdinand, Mrs Müller?' he asked, going on with the massaging. 'I know two Ferdinands. One is a messenger at Pruša's, the chemists, and once by mistake he drank a bottle of hair oil there. And the other is Ferdinand Kokoška, who collects dog manure. Neither of them is any loss.'

i thank ye git the idee bout whut kinda feller švejk wuz, strate forward n kindly lack the simple clowns frum shakespeare. even if he seems feelbe-minded at times, he ackshly has a sort of wisdum his 'superiors' dont have. thays one passage in particlar that seems to speak purty good bout the current add ventchur over in iraq:

You see, it's not so hard to get in somewhere. Anyone can do that, but getting out again needs real military skill. When a chap gets in somewhere, he has to know about everything that's going on around him, so as not to find himself in a jam suddenly -- what's called a catastrophe.

makes me wish sum of them folks that dint wonta cunsidder how hard it mite be to git out of iraq had been thankin lack švejk befor they dun went in.

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