Thursday, June 03, 2004

good news of buddy don: payshunt responds to treatment

these here last few weeks aint been easy by inny means on a counta long wurk days includin weekends n tuther hard times at wurk n wurser than that wuz the fambly crisis.

innywho, we gut the payshunt to a hospital n gut the payshunt (whuther the payshunt is a her or him, i aint a'sayin) to sign in n ackcept that therpy wuz needed. but that aint the end of thangs with payshunts, witch ifn ye ever had a relativ lack my bruther eli, ye know whut i mean. shore a nuff, after only a day, the payshunt wuz callin to git out even tho thay wuznt no way they wood let the payshunt out on a counta how the payshunt wuz alreddy not eatin or sleepin n wuz so confusd bout thangs that ye couldnt hardly unnerstand whut the payshunt wuz a'trine to say.

but yesterdy cum the good news whenever folks wuz allowd to meet with the payshunts psychiatrist n soshul wurker. turnt out they wooda brung in the payshunt the furst time a mobile unit wuz sent fer her or him on a counta the reason listed in the last sentents of the prior paragraf. turnt out these folks kin see the situwayshun n how importunt tiz that the payshunt git the rite kinda hep.

best of all, the payshunt is beginnin to see how good thangs is a'goin. day befor yesterdy, the payshunt wuz sayin how we gut to ketch this kinda thang quicker ifn it happens agin. yesterdy the payshunt had improovd to whar she or he wuz a sayin how we caint let this kinda thang happen agin.

whar all wuz black n awful now thars hope, witch thay aint nuthin lack discuvern hope whar it seemd thay wuznt inny.

that orta be a nuff fer one day: this heres buddy don, signin off with a big ole smile a'crackin his face in two.

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