Wednesday, May 26, 2004

black mood of buddy don: betrayal

please fergive my bein such a lil person, but i caint git myself to thank bout nuthin but the pain of bein betrayed. tiz lack losin sumbidy ye luv only wurser on a counta the person ye trust as a friend turns out to be a enemy. whenever ye lose luv, ye dont generly git a enemy into the bargun.

tiz a miss take i should larn not to make, witch i trust folks moren i orta. i fall fer wurds lack, 'you can trust me' n 'whatever we discuss is just between the two of us' or 'i would never tell anybody else anything you told me in confidence.'

so sumbidy that wood never tell sumthin did it on mundy, witch i reckon that means that 'never' gut here on a mundy, this past mundy in fack while i wuz out of the offus takin keer of a fambly crisis. twuz hard a nuff on its own, that thar fambly crisis, but then i cum to wurk yesterdy n larn i been betrayed to the gratest extent in my life. twuznt nobidys fault but my own fer trustin the rong person.

now i feel buried in a sad n angry black mood. heres hopin that this feelin dont last till the nex never that cums along.

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