Tuesday, May 11, 2004

disgust of buddy don: blogger

ode to a ruint blogger.com

how do i hate thee? lemme count them ways
i hate the new innerface whar ye caint see yer hole post
i hate the way the new innerface dont wurk with blogweaver
i hate the way ye caint cuntrol yer fonts no more
i hate how i have to use that 'cunvert returns' funckshun, witch that makes double the space twixt paragrafs in all the posts i made befor they forced thar new innerface on us, but ifn i dont use em, then i dont git no returns atall in the posts i make a'using the new innerface
i hate not havin no numberin nor bullets funckshun no more
i hate how i caint look at my wurk in html source no more, witch they claim this is 'geek chic'?
i hate the way blogger -- google? -- sprung this on us with no warnin
i hate the way it has kep oldcatman frum postin agin
i hate the way whenever ye try to put in a lank to sumthin, ye caint see whut its a'gone look lack till tiz dun
i hate the cumplete n utter lack of cuncern fer custumers
i hate the custumer servus, witch i rote em a long list of my cumplaints astin that they give ansers, witch they gut it set sos ye dont have nuthin in yer sent items whenever ye send em mail usin thar innerface, witch that wuz a miss take on my part on a counta i shoulda dun knowd better
i hate the kinda anser i gut frum 'blogger support' (<==ox ye moron alert): Thanks for submitting your Wish List item. We greatly value feedback from our users and review every submission.
i hate the way the dont even read my mail n then ack lack my list of cumplaints bout how they handled this n bout how they remoovd so much funcshunalty is jes a wish list! my wish list wood be that they undo the damage they dun dun n fer that matter i wish they wood quit crowin bout how this is spozed to be better, witch its much wurser

secunt most of all i hate how i have to go thru nine miles of bad rode to git offa blogger n onto sumthin else -- innythang wood do whar i kin open up on blank white screen n i mean the hole screen, not jes sum itty bitty lil window that sumbidy over at blogger thanks is 'geek chic' n start ritin n put in lanks n see how thangs is gonna look whenever i git dun, witch i wuz able to do all that befor they made the horrbull changes that wuz spozed to be improovments, witch theys the kinda improovemnts that makes everthang wurse

mos of all i hate how they dont see to care atall that im fixin to quit bein thar custumer.

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