Tuesday, May 25, 2004

notes of buddy don: obsurvayshuns frum sangle malt tastin

i dont plan to say much bout yesterdy, witch i had to cum home frum work early in the day to hep deal with the fambly crisis, witch twuz still a'goin on. tiz a nuff to say thangs gut wurked out bout as well as innybidy could hope, so mayhap thays better daze ahed.

innywho, i wonted to make a few notes bout that thar tastin me n miz bd went to tuther nite:

1. one odd thang fer a city whar ye see ever kind of person frum ever race frum ever part of the the worl wuz how twuz an all white folks event.

2. even tho thay wuz a lotta likker thar fer everbidy to drank, dint nobidy git all that drunk on a counta dint hardly nobidy drank all the likker in frunt of em. tiz good that folks woodnt wonta git thayself too pissed in publick, but whut a waste of fine sangle malt!

3. ifn ye ever git a chants to hear f. paul pacult speak bout whisky or even whiskey, dont miss it.

4. my irish friend n his english wife aint as big a fans of sangle malt as me n miz bd has becum, so they deecided to give us a bottle of macallan 18 year on a counta they gut it fer a gift years ago n they figger aint no way theyll ever drank it all.

5. even ifn ye go into such a thang feelin rotten on a counta that fambly crisis, ye cum out feelin purty good, n tiz nice to git away ever now n agin.

6. thays plans fer em to have a tequila tastin n even tho neethur one of us dranks tequila, we wood lack to go jes to here f. paul pacult talk. we made a point of gittin on thar mailin list.

7. that keens chophouse place is filld up with long-stem pipes, coverin the walls n ceilins, on a counta how twuz once the bes place in town to go drank sangle malt scotch n smoke tubacka, but thanks to mayer bloomberf, tiz agin the law to smoke indoors in man hattan cept fer yer own home.

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