Monday, May 10, 2004

annoyances of buddy don: bloggers new interface

twuz so easy to post befor blogger gut the idee to change everthang. now i caint see the fonts im a'usin nor the styles nor nuthin else. they dint warn us atall. we cum in this mornin n thays a new blogger dashboard n they dun remooved the options a bidy gut to use with blogweaver. do i git my blogweaver money back? they dun trickd it out sos ye caint cuntrol yer font lack ye used to could n i half to say tiz mos annoyin. i wuz about to rite a nuther chaptur on life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly, but in sted, i half to deal with a new interface that i caint cuntrol.

thar a'callin it a improovment, but twernt necessary n it made everthang wurser than twuz, lease till i figger out how to git the same funcshunalty back, ifn i kin.

fergive the bellyachin, but tiz a rude n unwelcom surprize.

1 comment:

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