Tuesday, May 18, 2004

edits of buddy don: get me re-rite

yesterdy twuz all i could do to git so far as i gut with the chaptur i wuz a'ritin on a counta i wuz feelin the furst symptums of a migraine a'cummin on. i reckon im still at the stage whar i thank i kin overcum it with willpower sum kinda way. i had to go to wurk fer sartin n jes couldnt afford to be havin no migraine. but facks -- reality, not wurds in a book, witch twuz whut the chaptur wuz about -- is stubborn thangs n one of em facks is how reality of a migraine is strongern inny willpower ye could brang to bear on it. so i hurried thru the chaptur n gut on the bus n made it to port authority bus station on 42nd st at 8th avenue. i gut offn the bus but rote a lil note on my blue blackberry splainin how i wuz not a'gonna be able to make it n astin thisn to take keer of one thang n thatn to take keer of a nuther. then i cum home n squirted that new nasal vershun of zomig up my nose. after that, twuz about all i could do to sleep thru the hole day. the good thang bout that is how i dont feel no after effecks at the moment n i gut over the wurst symptums as quick as i used the medicine.

innywho, twuz a plague on my mind whenever i real eyesed i hadnt dun justus even to the furst draft of a chaptur with whut i writ yesterdy, witch whut yer a readin is the furst drafts of ever chaptur lessn i do a re-rite, so im kindly walkin the tite rope ever day i have the guts to rite, witch i wish twuz ever day.

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