Wednesday, June 16, 2004

wandering of buddy don: last day in mason

yesterdy wuz a hard day on a counta how i half to drive frum whar im stayin to mason, witch tiz about 40 miles. i lef out at 6:37 AM yesterdy, but i dint git to the offus till near 9 am. turns out thay wuz a cuple acksidents on the innerstate.

i half to add mitt i dun been spoilt by havin the good public transport we gut in the nyc metropoltun area. i pay $65 pre-tax fer a munthly bus pass that takes keer of jes bout all the travel i ever do in a munth. i ketch the bus a block frum my frunt door, show em that pass, git a seat n read till we git thar. then tiz a lil walk to wurk.

now i know thays a slew of folk -- most of em, i reckun -- that dont lack publick transportayshun. they thank taint as easy as ridin in yer own car. but when ye add up all the costs n speshly the fack that ye git to wurk jes bout wore plum out frum fitin traffick, ye kin see whar tiz a good thang to shar yer rides with the genrul publick. thays sum that claims taint safe, but when ye figger thays moren 3,000,000 folks ridin the subways n trains n buses ever day in nyc but almost never no truble fer all them folks, tiz a hole lot safern drivin in a car whar thays minny more acksidents.

innywho, todays my last day a'visitin them good folks that ansers the fones n listens to our users cumplain. they gut em over 100 folks to handle calls frum jes our cumpny -- takes up a hole big ole floor. corse, they gut sum tuff jobs lack havin to support the blue blackberry without havin but one fer 23 folks to share, that kinda thang, but they study hard n keep all thar notes on thar internal websites n frum all that, they do a fine job.

the plan is to start drivin back to new jersey in the mornin, witch i hope to make a lil note befor leevin out, but ifn i caint, i drop ye a line frum new jersey.

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