Thursday, June 10, 2004

cliches of buddy don: no such thang as ritin, jes rewritin

thays this sayin amung riters bout how ye dont rite nuthin, ye jes rewrite everthang, n tiz true ye gut to revise thangs a lot to git em inny good. part of the problem of ritin a novel in this here blog form is how i dont always have the time to git everthang properly writ. i git up a 4 am n try not to read the papers, witch that takes till 4:30 or 5 or 5:30 or sumtimes till 6. then i gut to take a shower n ifn im a'gone rite sumthin, thats when i kin doot. whenever i gut a chaptur i wonta rite, i try to git started early, but even then, ye caint git it all in. chaptur 121 is a purrfeck eggzample. i wuz near outta time whenever i gut to the part bout maise n oscars weddin, so i couldt git the details rite. so i dun rewrit the chaptur, lease the last thurd or so. fergive the rerun, but ifn ye lack to study ritin, ye mite wonta compar the two. corse, the hole thang is still jes the furst draft: all 900+ pages will have to be redun sumday befor i kin let the publisher see it.

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