Tuesday, June 15, 2004

wanderins of buddy don: mason, ohio

i spent the day yesterdy in mason, ohio, whar thay gut em a huge call center. i wuz visitin sum of the folk that heps our users in new york n i must say, i wuz verr impressd by the size n scope of the organizayshun. the folks that takes keer of our calls takes keer of calls frum all over. i reckon tiz the way of the worl, but whenever i ast sum of the folks on the desk bout whut they figgerd wood hep em most in doin a good job, furst thang one fella sed wuz twood hep to be able to go to new york n meet the users thats a'callin em all the time. as it happens, thats the mane reason i cum to ohio, to meet the folks on the desk face to face. thays magic in meetin sumbidy in person that ye dont git over a fone.

but they gut em a grate place n they been doin a eggzellent job fer us.

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