Friday, June 11, 2004

rode trip of buddy don: help desk in ohio

durin the nex few days me n miz bd is a'gone drive to ohio, partly fer bizness n partly to visit sum relatives. tiz part of the virtchul offus whar ye kin have folks in the midwest anserin them phones to hep users in man hattan with thar computers.

we gut us a 'pod' of folks out thar n they caint hardly be beat. in the cumputer support bizness, ye gut a statistick name of 'furst call resolushun' or 'fcr' fer them thats too lazy to speak in hole wurds, witch thats the percentedge of calls that gits anserd by the person that furst picks up the phone. our lil pod is heddin in the die-reckshun of 70 percent fcr, witch thats purt amazin. ifn they caint hep over the phone -- or more lackly, ifn the caller wont let em hep -- then they put a ticket into the queue so my team kin go to the desk n fix the problem.

tiz a good solushun in lots of ways on a counta ye dont have to pay man hattan wages to hep folks in man hattan. corse, ye tend to wurk a lil better with folks ye know, so tiz time fer me to go meet sum of em. i here tell thars sum purty amazin pizza in cincinnati n sumbidy mentchuned sum kinda chili place. so they gut plans fer me. i gut plans fer them, fer that matter, witch i intend to teach em all three of my cumputer tricks.

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