Friday, June 04, 2004

idees of buddy don: books that could be writ

my irish friend, the one me n miz bd went to the scotch tastin with, give me a articull from the new yorker tuther day name of 'a book in you,' witch twuz about bloggers who rite books. twuz a short lil read n it give me sum idees bout books i wood lack to read:

1. strate white guy: war stories featurin scots n scotch
2. sayuncle: ima doggone sun of a gun
3. south knox bubba: interpretatyshuns of presdint bush
4. oldcatman: yew kin satarize innythang: colleckted wurks of oldcatman
5. deb frum sugarfused: colleckted haiku
6. tennessee ruck frum voluntarily in china: china thru orange colord glasses
7. big stupid tommy: refleckshuns in a glass tv screen
8. fletcher frum the now defunckt smokey mountain journal: favert pitchers
9. george tenet, witch he mite not blog, but i wish he wood rite a book: politicully correck intelligents

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