Tuesday, June 22, 2004

wurk of buddy don: migrayshuns

i gut to be at wurk this mornin at 6 am on a counta how we're gittin reddy to migrate our folks frum usin offus XP to offus 2003, witch that manely means they git a new email app. thays a heap of wurk in migrayshuns, witch i used to thank they wuz whut happend when yer reglar methods dint wurk no more. corse after years of life supportin computer users, i figgerd out that migrayshuns is whut we're always wurkin on.

taint only at wurk that we keep a'movin to better thangs: i lack to live my life lack tiz one long migrayshun frum whar i am now to whar i wonta go, witch i lack nietzsche's idee that ye orta make yer presunt self an embarrassment to yer futchur self.

taint any easier than tiz to cunvints all yer users that changin software agin is a good idee. lots of em dont git it till ye splain how the vendor wont support the old vershuns of the product.

tiz a grate marketin strategy. magine ifn auto cumpnies used it. ye mite git a note in the mail sayin the new release of the ford or chevy is out, so ye orta rush out n git ye one, speshly since they wont be supportin the older models no more, meanin that ifn they brake, yer on yer own. ye mite pull into the garage a'claimin yer cars makin a funny sound n have the mechanick say, 'sorry, we no longer support the 1998 and earlier releases of the car.'

so ye gut to keep buyin. software is kindly lack the dope of the bizness worl. ye gut to have yer nex fix jes to keep up with yer competishun. i wonta kindly keep up with my crew, so i lack to cum in early whenever a migrayshun is startin. tiz bout my only chants to see the certificayshun process frum start to finish. after that, bein a manjer, i jes manage the folks doin the wurk, more or less, witch that manely means keepin outta thar way n makin shore they have the time n tools to do whut needs to be dun.

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