Tuesday, November 04, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
a nuther riter, thisn name of george ochoa

i'm havin dinner tonite with a old frien of mine name of george ochoa. he went n dun whut i kindly always dreamed of doin but never did, witch he deecided he wood make his livin ritin n thats jes whut he dun. ye kin find books hes writ with his wife melinda corey all over the place. heres a list of sum of thar titles:

  1. American History: The New York Public Library Book of Answers
  2. American Film Institute Reference: The Complete Guide to Everything You Need to Know about the Movies
  3. American History on File
  4. Atlas of Hispanic-American History
  5. A Cast of Thousands; A Compendium of Who Played What in Film
  6. The Dictionary of Film Quotations; 6,000 Provocative Movie Quotes from 1,000 Movies
  7. Facts About the 20th Century
  8. Inquiry and Learning; Realizing Science Standards in the Classroom
  9. Movies and TV; The New York Public Library Book of Answers
  10. The New York Public Library Amazing Hispanic American History; A Book of Answers for Kids
  11. Selected from Carrie
  12. The Wilson Chronology of Ideas
  13. The Wilson Chronology of Science and Technology
  14. The Wilson Chronology of the Arts
  15. The Writer's Guide to Creating a Science Fiction Universe
  16. Fitroy Dearborn Chronology of Ideas: A Record of Philosophical, Political, Theological and Social Thought from Ancient Times to the Present
  17. The Encyclopedia of the Victorian World: A Reader's Companion to the People, Places, Events and Everyday Life of the Victorian Era (Henry Holt Reference Book)
  18. The American Film Institute Desk Reference
  19. The Man in Lincoln's Nose: Funny, Profound and Quotable Quotes of Screenwriters, Movie Stars, and Moguls

thays a lot more books by them, but i aint gut time to find em all this mornin. meanwhile, heres a lil writeup bout george n melinda:

Melinda Corey and George Ochoa have written and co-written over 30 books on film and other subjects, including The Dictionary of Film Quotations, The New York Public Library Book of Answers, Facts About the 20th Century, The Wilson Chronology of the Arts and The American Film Institute Desk Reference. They completed the second edition of Ephraim Katz's The Film Encyclopedia. Both authors hold MAs in English from the University of Chicago; Ms Corey also has an MFA from Columbia University. They are married and have a daughter. (http://uk.dk.com/Author/AuthorFrame/0,1020,,00.html?id=1000040586)

i been knowin george since 1985 when i met him at the furst job i gut in new york city, witch i wuz a secretary fer the mos humiliatiin year of my life n he wuz one too. we both lacked to rite, so we made friens purty quick. we been talkin bout riting n sharin whut each others writ durin most of that time, n fack is, ifn we wernt both so innerested in the topick, i doubt ifn we wood be friens atall now.

thang bout george is, with all the success hes dun had ritin books bout science n movies n history n ideas n yew name it, he still hankers after gittin his fickshun published. hes dun writ a few novels n ive red everone he wood shar with me. thang is, hes the mos snakebit riter i ever met. he cums up with grate idees n then sumbidy goes n pulls sumthin off to make the idee impossibull.

eggzamples include a grate book (or wuz't a screenplay? its been a while) he wrote name of Office Wars, witch it was about a ceo who kindly goes crazy n figgers he kin solve the problems in his wurkplace by gittin rid of the slackers. n i mean gittin totally rid of em as in make em ded. i still thank tiz a brillyunt bit of ritin, but the hole thang ends with a eggsplishun that blows up a buildin. after 9/11, that aint a concep ye kin sell to no book publisher.

he wrote a nuthern that i lacked a lot called Dead Silence, witch thatns about a man who loses his soul but gits the gurl in the end, only tiz much bettern ye wood magine frum whut i jes rote. i aint shore why thatn aint on the bookshelves now.

n thars one called Stranger Still that pulls off that trick richard wright dun in Native Son, whar ye see the hole story thru the eyes of a murderer. tiz kindly lack dostoevskys Crime and Punishment in that regard n tiz a wunderful book that aint lackly to find no publisher on a counta how it gives sum folks the shivers.

hes gut sum fickshun published. thars thisn called "Nocturnal Anomalies," fer instunts, witch thatn wuz published in The Absinthe Literary Review. i magine thars more, but i dont know whar to find it.

innywho, we gut a plan to meet over in times square fer dinner n the chants to talk bout a nuther fine story he writ name of "Ten Sleep."

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