Saturday, November 15, 2003

sufferns of buddy don:
migrane hedache

thays this odd feelin ye git a while befor it starts n ifn yer lucky, ye notice it in time to do sumthin bout it. i generly git up everday n take two excedrin migrane strangth tablets n that keeps em off, but sumtimes tiz too late befor i notice. this mornin wuz one of them times. migrane dont make me hurt so much as they make me vomit.

my docter give me a perscripshun fer sum frova pills.  corse, they do stop the pain, but they still leave behin that awful holler feelin. they run $5.38 apiece, witch thats cheap ifn they wurked but rite steep ifn they dont.

they seem rite steep at the momint.

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