Friday, November 28, 2003

amazement of buddy don:
traffick report

up till yesterdy, the main way folks wood find this site wuz by searchin on the wurd 'hillbilly,' witch that makes sense on a counta tiz one of thonly wurds i spell rite. i git almost 60% of search injun traffick on that one wurd. i figgerd twuz bout the bes i could do ifn i dont start spellin thangs rite n usin stanturd english.

so twood be hard to find sumbidy more sprized than i bout the effeck on yer traffick of hostin the Rocky Top Brigade's Volunteer Tailgate Party, witch thats whut i jes dun fer thanksgivin. up till yesterdy, the mos hits i ever gut in one day wuz 109. yesterdy, i gut 479! i know that aint much compard to folks lack south knox bubba (over 250,000 hits to date) or instapundit (average of 33,000+ hits per day), but tiz a step in the rite direckshun, so to speak.

moral of the story? see ifn ye kin git yer chants to host an RTB VTP!

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