Friday, November 07, 2003

pinions of buddy don:
blogs are the sinapses of the growin global brain

thays this guy name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who wuz a geolgist n paleontolgist n he had im sum idees bout how everthang is all jes one big thang. mayhap ye member me ritin (eethur one of the two of yuns that reeds this here blog) bout anselms proof of god, witch thatn goes that god is defined as the gratest possibull bein of all n a bein that exists is grater than one that dont, so he exists. taint everbidy that goes along with thatn, but fer me tiz rite hard to disproov.

corse, ye kin agree toot n still not have the lease idee whut the gratest bein possibull wood be lack. i dun give thisn lots of thought n it occurred to me to alter it a lil, witch in my version, the gratest bein possibull is grater ifn it cumprises everthang than ifn tiz separate since twood be grater ifn twuz whutever twuz n included the univers too.

i aint claimin to unnerstan all the idees of teilhard de chardin, but they lead me to sum idees bout whuts a'goin on in this worl. as ye mite have noticed, thars two mane ways folks goes about thar lives. on the one hand, theys all competin with each other fer food n jobs n the bes place to live n a good seat in neyland stadium on the third saturdy in october ifn alabama is cummin to town. on tuther, theys wurkin together, co-operatin, sos they kin have thangs lack rodes n bridges n poe-leecmen n laws n a army to perteck us n all.

then ye gut this here internet thang a'goin on. more n more folk all the time are gittin attached toot n once they do, they git to habits of reeding sartin thangs. ifn ye thank bout everthang bein jes one big thang n the earth lack a lil organism thats growin in the womb of the solar system, then ye gut to magine its organs, thangs lack the rain forests to be lack lungs n the oceans n rivers lack veins n arteries n the core of the earth bein kindly lack a backbone n all, then ye git to thankin bout whut is the brain, n thar ye cum to yer humans, n together theys a'buildin the eyes n ears n other senses of the earth as a hole creetchur. n thats jes a hop skip n a jump from reelizin how ever person is kindly lack a brain cell in the growin brain of earth.

now with the innernet n cameras n loudspeekers n tv n radio n yew name it, this here creetchur called earth jes gits bettern better at usin its senses. n with the internet, we git to whar the brain cells kin set up thar synapses, as twere. folks thats got the net gits into habits of reedin sartin thangs ever day, of bookmarkin thangs n goin back to im so thar knowledge n unnerstandin of whutever tiz that innerests em gits stronger all the time. at furst, twuz purty much a passive thang whar everbidy wood git the information bein put out to em by the same folks thats talkin lack the man of the thousand voices, the newspapers n such.

but after a while, them folks that wuz jes buildin thar knowledge gut to makin thar own noises. purty soon the net wuznt jes a place to git informayshun, but a place to share it as well. n earths brain jes gits stronger n stronger till if a helicopter goes down in tikrit, thays folks speckulatin bout it roun the worl. n we git informayshun frum folks lack salam pax in baghdad, witch hes the one that wuz givin us a look at how thangs wuz goin in baghdad whenever the war wuz startin but we hadnt tuck over yet. n fer that matter, hes givin lots of news bout how thangs is goin now that we gut the hole situwayshun under cuntrol, or whutever we gut it under now.

n ye kin see how the cells kin cum n go n still the earths brain grows. thars a'gone cum a time whenever everbidy has lil chips in thar heds sos they kin be 'online' all the time. n tharll cum a time when everbidy that has the chip has access to all the knowledge the hole lecktronick brain has dun figgered out.

wunder ifn it kin figger out how to keep frum lettin the earth git so sick till humans follow the dinosaurs to extinckshun?

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