Tuesday, November 11, 2003

thankee from buddy don:
max riffster, owner of mind warp, gives a lessun in comments

ye mite notice how thays a place he kin put in yer comments at the bottom of everthang i rite now. ye kin thank the ownder of a cuple sites, witch one is called mind warp n tuther is max riffter's dungeon. i aint hardly clever a nuff to figger his real name, so im callin him max riffster n i cant hep but wunder whuther he plays guitar n all n ifn he does, is he a max riffster. reckon i need to read his sites a lil more keerful lack. i git a kick outta his mind warp site on a counta hes a verr funny guy. ifn ye wont a lil laff to start yer day, read thisn bout signs.

innywho, max riffster wuz kind a nuff to send me sum clues on how ye kin git them lil comments thangs to wurk on yer site n the sprize wuz how twuz so easy. i shoulda dun it long time ago.

thankee, max!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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