Thursday, November 27, 2003

parties of buddy don:
volunteer tailgate party XVI

mos ever other thursdy ye kin participate
in a lil party at the volunteer tailgate
n folks will cum frum miles around to celebrate (n eat)
n brang the kind of fellowship that rarely kin be beat

here cum yer wingnuts n yer moonbats n yer folks with lives
to share with us the kinda stuff on witch a party thrives
here cum yer poets n yer pundits with thar wacky views
n whuther they be rite or rong, the reader gits to choose

first ups our frien, say uncle, a fightin with the funk
n if yer thankin sumthin stanks, tiz jes a local skunk
but that aint all, hes gut a piece bout bush's latest ad
with comment airy frum all sides, be it good or bad

nex thar be a deb so sweet they call her sugarfused
who rote to say she hadnt much, but she wuz jes confused
fer on her site, i surfed around n took a lil peek
n thar i spied a lode of poems that she calls sugarspeak

mayhap ye be a jonesin fer sum new place to go
so here we have a piece about the cumberland plateau
it cums complete with fotos of the trail to virgin falls
its frum our own les jones, so have a look, y'all

nex ups a friend named adam groves, who rites frum utk
to document the librul slant he claims gits in the way
as proof he sites sukhmani, a riter fer the beacon
who only wants sum fair n balanced paid-fer publick speakin

then we gut us mr. mike, frum memphis he duz hail
who reads the memphis papers n gives us the detail
about a pundit name of baker whose logick is unsound
click here to read Half-Bakered (tho ye mite half to scroll down)

then thars an open letter at missives anonymous
to sumone on the trail of danielle (shes one of us)
a freshman with a english projeck, study of a blog,
fer whom it seems that readin is jes a long hard slog!

then we have teresa pratt, her sites called hatamaran
she's a lover of cats n maker of hats (buy one if ye can)
she brangs good cheer with a pitcher here, wurthy of any poster
tiz the oddest thang innybidy wood brang: a hillbilly roller coaster!

if fake blood makes ye thank ye need to run n git yer mommy
then stay away from the site misnamed "big stupid tommy"
fer thar he splains the minny pains of makin yer own flick
witch shootin it is purty hard, but gittin cleans the trick!

nex let me point to cj hoyt, whos up fer innythang
splainin how ded senators drug benefits kin brang
then he sets his sites on thangs that makes me so afraid
the wurst two movie sequels that ever have been made!

to barry whos innkeeper of the inn of the last home
i owe grate thanks fer heppin me git started on this pome
(ye mite not ketch jes whut i mean, but ifn ye should host
a tailgate party in the futcher, he will hep the most)
he sends a cuple pieces that're bound to touch yer hart
both involve his daughter, who must be verr smart!
the ones about a nursery rhyme strate frum les miserable
tutherns a conversayshun that mite make ye wonta sob <g>

then we have jay johnson, whose sites called drawing dead
so far he is thonly one with football in his head
he rites with grate eloquence about the bcs
witch he points out is wurkin fine tho sum thanks its a mess

whut kinda a party wood it be if granny wuznt thar?
so here we have her rant about ruinin medicar
ifn ye lack this kinda thang, ye kin git yer slant
by makin it yer habit to visit granny rant

manish lacks to say hes a damn forner all the time
but to me he seems to be jes lack a good ole friend of mine
his contribushun to our party gives us sum perspecktive
upon our war thar in iraq, a brilliant retrospecktive

revernd donald sensing sends us a thoughtful piece
filled with keerful argumint to make ye thank (at lease)
examinin the questchun of whuther it could be
that both christians n muslims praise the verr same deity

a tailgate party of volunteers jes woodnt be the same
without our fearless leader, south knox bubba be his name,
he notes that on this day of thanks, thays much hes grateful bout
includin the rite to fuss n fite, to let the truth git out
n aint it grate to participate even ifn ye dont agree?
hes the kinda lad who makes me glad i cum frum tennessee
here is his contribushun, tiz last but not the lease
so keep a sense of humor, y'all, n ye shall keep the peace

finely, i hope ye all dont mind i rote this doggerel
mayhap theyll call it sumthin new: how bout bloggerel?

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