Monday, November 03, 2003

guest of buddy don:
stepson in the city

im happy to tell ye bout how my wifes son has cum to hoboken frum prague whar he wuz makin his livin as a translater. hes plannin on findin him a place here in the metropoltun area n gittin started in the big city. hes loaded with skills lack how to talk a bunch of differnt lingos lack spanish, roma, japanese n czech, witch i thank that means he gits sum bonus langwages since lots of them slavic lingos is purty close. he also has computer skills, so much so that hes gut him a computer than kin do mos innythang without a sangle microsoft product on it. i make a livin off computers, but i aint that brave or smart.

innwho, were as pleased as kin be that hes cum, n i wuz thankin bout that whenever we wuz discussin how he should go bout gittin started. thays folks that thanks tiz better to git a job furst n then look fer a place to live. but mos of us whos dun made it up here thanks tiz better to git the apartment furst on a counta tiz harder to git than a job, n ifn ye dun gut a job, ye dont have no time to look fer yer apartment.

n i wuz thankin as he wonted to know our best add vice, witch ye gut to member how the wurst vice is add vice, n wuz wonderin ifn twernt a lot lack how we'uns here in the united states wonted a chants to give our add vice on whuther twuz rite fer us to brake the treaty of westphalia, witch thatn lasted fer over 300 years befor we broke it by invadin a cuntry sos we could change its gummint. lots of us folk out here in the cuntry wuz under the impresshun that our pinions mattered, that we wuz more than jes a giant focus group but folk whos pinions matterd.

but turnt out that them that duz the predints biddin dint bleeve in democracy the same way most of us'ns did. we thought it mint that them whut wuz guvernd wuz in charge n our pinions wuz aloud n importunt. but evertime sumbidy cum up with a pinion that dint fit with the administrayshuns view, they sed twuz practickly treason. twuz as if we dint have a pinion wurth bein stated ifn it dint go long with whutever dubya n co had dun deecided they wuz a'gone do.

n i wuz thankin bout this whenver we wuz talkin to my wife's son bout how to git started. he had his pinions bout how to go bout it. magine ifn he had deecided he wuz a'gone find him a abandoned buildin n squat in it. n he mite say how the rent rules is unjust n peeple has been mistreeted by em n lots of folks has to pay way too much fer way too lil while sum folk git by without. n he mite say the poe-leece is corrupt. n he mite coulda cum up with all kinda reasons why squatting wuz jes the thang to do.

we wood not agree bout that bein a good plan n we wood tell him so. n it mite could turn into a argumint or even a fuss n fite. wood that make us anti-fambly? anti-son? or woodnt that be jes whuts eggspeckted of sumbidy, that they give thar true pinion n let it be known if they disagree. thats how we luv each other. we need folks to tell us the hard truth so we kin avoid makin big miss takes.

so i thank bout them folk that sed the united nayshuns wuz irrelevant when the un weppons inspekters needed more time to inspeck n when they sed thay wuznt no reason to invade right then. n the bush administrayshun wuz able to say we had to doot rite when we dun it or else, even without once usin the wurd 'imminent.' they ack lack thars only one way to say sumthin n ifn ye use a nuther way, ye aint really sayin whut yer sayin. so ifn ye say they could have a nuke in six munths or they could attack us in 45 mints, that dont mean they wont us to bleeve the attack is 'imminent,' but they don wont us to ackcept that thar a'gone in rite then on a counta they cant wait.

the folks that sed we could wait, that we had him contained ("we find Secretary of State Colin Powell saying of Saddam back in 2001: 'I think we ought to declare our containment policy a success. We have kept him contained, kept him in his box. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors. He threatens not the United States.'"), they aint traitors. theys good citizens doin thar jobs. them that wuz trine to shout em down, tho, i cant say they bleeve in the same murkin principills we do or the same ones that ye kin still find in the bill of rights in the constitushun (read it befor its gone!).

id lack to end with a few lines frum that dockumint: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

hmm. taint jes 'provide fer the common defense,' lack sum wont ye to bleeve, but thars 'promte the general welfar, insure domestic tranquility, establish justice' n such. tiz a wonderful dockumint n wurth defendin, even agin them thats usin it fer thar claim on power.

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