Friday, October 31, 2003

foybulls of buddy don:
still a lergick to likker

i writ bout goin out fer sum cultcher las nite, but im shamed to say it dint hardly take. we had us a good time n all, eatin at that thar greek restrunt. i tuck the pre theater speshul, witch it cum with appetizer, ontray n deesert. i picked the salad fer the appetizer n twuz the kinda salad they ackshly have in greece, witch it dint have no lettuce but only tomaters n cucumbers n cheese n onions n the lack. the fish wuz jes fine even ifn it did cum perched up on a bed of chick peas, witch ye mite know em as garbonzo beans. (daddy had im a can of them garbonzo beans fer mos of my life n when we wood git to acktin up, he wood threaten to make em fer dinner, n it wurked ever time. i member many a time when we wuz fussin n fitin n pickin on roena may n we wood cum into the kitchen n thar on the counter wuz them beans n we knew we had better behave ifn we dint wonta eat em, n we dint n thang is, theys grate once ye try em -- they gut em this thang called a felafel up here that they make out of em, n tiz delishus!) n fer deesert they brung me this stuff called yogurt with honey n nuts n mint, witch twuz rite nice.

n corse, bein with sofistickated folk, we had us a bottle of wine. or ackshly, a cuple bottles of wine. n shore as yer born, my lergickull symptums gut to acktin up. i wuz talkin too much n laffin too loud n by time the meal wuz dun n twuz time to walk over to carnegia hall, i wuznt feelin much pain n had to watch my step to keep frum bumpin into thangs.

but that warnt the wurse. that cum whenever i woke up this mornin with my mouth dry as dust n my head achin as if to remind me that i wuz still lergick.

as fer the concert, twuz four of us together, a frien of mine n both our wives. we gut seated n our frien gut to playin that huge peeano n that woman with the long name gut to scrapin on that violin, makin music outta sum musickal notayshun that brahms writ fer em a cuple centries ago, n i looked over to my frien n saw his head wuz bowed. i thought he mite coulda been prayin till he started snorin. then nex thang i know, my own wife is wakin me up n astin wuz i reddy to go. i wuz.

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