Wednesday, October 29, 2003

pinions of buddy don -- a cuple literchur revus:
Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

i take that bus frum hoboken over to manhattan everday on a counta i wurk over thar. tiz a quick ride mos of the time n my total bill fer gittin back n forth to "the city" is $65 a month, total, fer as many rides as i wonta take. durin the ride, i read, n sumtimes, lack when the lincoln tunnel is slow, witch that happens ifn i leave out from home too late, lack say, after 7 am, then that ride kin take a while. so it mite be nuthin but a fifteen mint ride or it mite take as long as a hour. taint often i half to take a later bus, so i kin git frum here to thar in bout 25 mints, includin the walk after i git to 42nd street/port authority.

durin the ride i lack to read. one of the guys that wurks fer me tole me bout a book name of survivor by the guy that writ fight club, witch they made a movie outta thatn n i reckon lots of yuns dun seen it. i never saw the movie, but the guy is one of the best wurkers i ever had, so i gave the book a read.

twuz a real delite n quite a commentary on life in the modern worl: thays stuff on educayshun, fame, relijun, brutherhood n suicide, but its also the kinda thang that could make ye laff out loud on the bus. try to avoid that. ifn ye lack a real good read, i recommend it. i could barely put it down n twuz over befor i knowed it. one of the innerestin thangs bout it is how it starts at page 289 and wurks its way down to page 1. i kinda lack that on a counta how easy it makes it to figger out how much ye gut lef. in this case, twernt a nuff.

"The Glass Wife" by Lydia Copeland

i lack to look round the innernet to find thangs wurth readin, n thats how i cum to find this author name of lydia copeland. she writes short stories n far as i kin tell, she dont have no book out yet. she's gut a few stories up what ye kin git to em:

"Empty Houses"
"The Dream"
"The End of Today"

then thars whut i thank is the best of the lot n one of the bes stories i dun read innywhar, witch thats her story name of "The Glass Wife." ifn ye gut time fer jes one story, and it aint all that long, ye oughta treat yerself to thisn. tiz wise beyond the years of this yung writer, n tiz one i been able to read a few times n find more to lack in it each time.

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