Monday, October 27, 2003

more eggscuses of buddy don

this heres my furst year at this place ima wurkin. i gut thar the hard way. after wurking ten years on wall street, i lef n hoped to find my fortchun elsewhar n had a good run till them terrorists dun whut they dun on 9/11. that killt the lil cumpny i wuz wurkin fer on a counta we wuz rite near them towers n our clients wuz firms that had em folk in them towers n they couldnt pay whut they owed rite away n we couldnt verr well press em on it. so i tuck whutever i could find, witch twuz a awful job a'wurkin fer a legal firm. long bout a year after that, i gut a job offer frum sum of them folks i had dun wurked with on wall street n back i went fer the better pay n treatment.

corse it mint much longer hours, n thangs dont git longer than whenever yer a'doin yer ee-valu-wayshuns. i thought i had dun finished mine, but turnt out i wuz only jes beginnin. now thars a nuther week of thangs to git dun, so i mite not kin rite much durin this here week lessn i git them dun furst. n thats my reason only i know tiz more of a eggscuse.

thankee agin fer yer payshunts.

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