Friday, August 01, 2003

musikul review: jethro burns

ye might member a rant i dun a while back called 'covers n owe ridgnals' whar i wuz statin that i lacked owe ridgnal musik bettern covers, n fer the mos part, thats so, speshully whenever i git out to see live musik. my main point wuz that ifn yer gone do a cover of sum song thats dun been writ n proovd, ye need to do sumthin to make it yer own.

thays a man name of jethro burns, witch he wuz born kenneth c burns in conasauga tennessee, witch thats in polk county, n he mite not be the bes mandlin picker ever wuz, but he's amung em. mos folks, ifn theyve ever herd of jethro burns a tall, dun herd of him on a counta he had a grate band with a nuther guy frum east tennessee name of henry d haines, witch they called him 'homer.' they met each other whenever they wuz 12 years old n competin at a pickers contest. they lost the contest but they wuz put into a band called the string dusters by wnox, witch they used to play musik. they made friends n started em a group called homer n jethro.

they dun lots of covers only they made em owe ridgnals by changin up the wurds n makin em funny, sorta lack weerd al yankovic decades befor thay wuz a al yankovic.

i member em sorta only in them daze i wuz resistunt to innythang cuntry n had to ack lack i wuz embarrsd by em. n thats a shame. fer one thang, they wuz noted fer sayin 'today we feel we have a great future behind us, and we have never let failure go to our heads.' ye wood thank ida picked up on sumbidy that honest but i hated cuntry musik too much to give it a chants.

but i gut over it n tuck up mandlin playin my ownself n twernt long befor i discoverd jes how amazin jethro burns playin is.

n that brangs me to a nuther thang thats verr nice nowadays n that is thanks to the inventshun of the cd, they dun put out lots of musik ye used to couldnt git. n ifn ye wonta here two of the bes cds of musik ever recordid, then ye need to git a copy of 'swing low, sweet mandolin' n 'bye bye blues' by jethro burns. ye wont git nuthin but worl class pickin of a passel of jazz n swang classiks, n thays jes two pickers on eethur album, tuthern bein the gittar picker don stiernberg, witch hes amazin his ownself. they dont do much of nuthin ceptn covers, but they make em thar own.

heres whut ye do ifn ye wonta fine out bout this kinda musik:

1. buy bof em cds

2. git ye a bottle of jack daniels

3. pore ye a shot or two into a glass

4. dont deeloot yer whiskey with ice

5. put on swang low sweet mandlin

6. turn the stereo up!

7. sip yer whiskey n listn hard

8. n corse tiz better ifn yer baby is thar with ye

9. switch to bye bye blues

10. repeat

ye wont regret it!

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