Thursday, August 28, 2003

life of buddy don, chaptur 44:
the gurl who wuz a witch

thays thangs that kin be rite in frunt of yer face without yer noticin, n thats purty much the case with gail frost, witch her real name wuz abigail but she dint allow nobidy to call her that on a counta she sed twuz too ole fashion.

lack as not, she wood be settin in the same group in the lounge at roane state communty collidge i wuz in, n seems odd how i never noticed her till one day she cum over side of me n ast wuz it true i could read 'the tarot' n i ast her did she mean the cards n she sed whut other 'tarot' wuz thar.

i tole her cards wuz a game, nuthin more, n she laffed n sed she could see i had attained deep understandin n ast wood i play the game with her.

that razed a lease one questchun, witch wuz how could she know bout me readin them cards when i hadnt dun it fer nobidy at the collidge n nobidy thar i knew bout had ever been round when i wuz a doin it? i had no idee, but peeple is known fer flappin thar gums n i figgered mayhap she knew sumbidy who had told her bout me. i tole her i dint take my cards out nowhar n she sed twuz a wise policy, n next thang ye know, i had dun agreed to brang her over to my place fer a readin.

corse, twuz a date more or less n once i reelized whut i had agreed to, i gut to lookin a lil more keerful lack. she had her sum pale blue eyes n wispy brown hair n more freckles than i had ever seen on a person. i know i musta seen her round, but as i jes splained in the last chaptur, i wuz purty much caught up in trine to ack lack i wuz unintrested in laura russell, n i had to wunder whuther i had even noticed her even once.

fack is, i dont thank i had noticed her bein much more than a face that wuz thar sumtimes n even then, i couldnt say fer shure i had ever seen her befor she cum up to me.

whenever i went to pick her up n she cum out a'wearin a thin black dress with a low cut top n short skirt, i wuz tuck back a bit. at skool she wuz always wearin jeans n a floppy sweater that cuovered most everthang n fack is, i wooda guessed she wuz a lil on the fat side n trine to hide it. turnt out she wuz hidin a verr sexy build under all them cloze. but i reckon fer our date she wonted me to see she had sum thangs she figgered ever man wuz always intrested in, witch that wuz her big breasts n long legs n skinny waist.

tuwz all i could to to keep frum starin down her dress to see wuz she wearin a bra, so whenever we gut down to my room, i showed her whar we wuz a'gone set, n she gut down on her knees as slow and easy as caro syrup pores out on pancakes. n she settled whut lil skirt she had round her waist n still thar wuz more'n half her thighs a'showin. n she wuz leanin forward with her eyes closed n i coulda swore she wuz sayin a lil prayer only the way she wuz a posed, ye could see purt much all her breasts, ifn ye wuz a'lookin.

twuz damn distractin, so i turnt away n unlocked the drawer whar i kep the cards locked up. i tuck out the wood box i kep em in n opened it up n tuck out the silk that wuz wrapped round em.

i wonted to tell her how i used the wood n silk to make the game seem more real, but whenever i turnt around, she wuz still in the same pose, eyes closed. so i tride not to look at her breasts n then tride not to notice that she wuznt in fack wearin no bra n finally i tride to tell myself i wuznt seein her whut i wuz seein, witch seem lack that dress dint wonta contain one of em. i coffed sos to let her know i wuz a'lookin in her direckshun, n she opened her eyes n looked rite in mine, without a'gittin up, n i half to add mitt twuz as sexy a look as ever i had seen on a woman.

i smiled, as if to say i wuz in on her lil joke, but i never saw a more seryus person. she kep her eyes on mine, her hands down on her thighs, n she sed she could feel my power. corse twernt egzackly power i wuz a feelin, but i dint tell her that.

in sted, i  unfolded the silk on a counta i always laid the cards out on it whenever i wuz playin the game n put it in frunt of whar she wuz settin n tuck out the cards n give em to her. n the hole time, i kep my eyes rite on hers even though my eyes wuz a dyin to look elsewhar. n seem lack that steady look wuz nearly too much fer her since she dint do nuthin but stare rite back n thay wuz a long spell whar that wuz all we dun. n the longer we dun it, the purtier she seemed till i ast her wuz she a'gone shuffle them cards n git the readin underway?

i sed it lack a joke, so she had to laff. then i tole her bout them cards, bout how they hadnt never touched nuthin but the silk i kept em wrapped in, the inside of the box they cum in, the hands of them that cum to git me to play the game with em, n my hands. i tole her she should clear her mind of all thangs ceptn whut she wonted to ast, n ifn she dint know whut to ast, then she should jes let her mind go as blank as could be sos the deepest part of her could do the shufflin. when she wuz dun a shufflin, witch that mint whenever she felt lack them cards wuz jes rite, she wuz to split em into three piles a'usin her lef hand.

she shuffled slow n thoughtful n the hole time, her eyes wuz on mine. twooda been easier ifn she had jes bent over n wurked on them cards on a counta the only reason i wuz a'starin back in her eyes wuz to keep frum starin elsewhar, but i dint n after whut seemed lack a day of starin at each other, she put the cards in thar piles from rite to lef, jes lack i had sed.

i used the celtic cross method of the game, n i had dun put the queen of wands down fer her, n shore a nuff, the king of swords cum up to cover her, witch she sed wuznt that my card? n her meanin wuz clear as a mountain stream n whutever else that reedin tole her n me, the only thang we gut frum it wuz, 'this covers her, the king of swords.' n fack is, i cant member nuthin more bout the reedin than that.

twuz a rite awkwurd momint whenver i wuz dun n puttin up the cards. we dint neethur one of us know whut we wuz spozed to do next. i wuz lucky a nuff to have the cards to put up n after that i sed i needed to go to the bathroom, witch i needed to make a small adjustmint n thar wernt no way i could pee jes then innywho, but i went in n tride to make it so twernt so obveeus the affeck she wuz havin on me, n then i flushed n when i cum out, she ast wood i hep her git up.

i give her my hand n as slow and smooth as ye could wont, she gut up n kep a holt of my hand n cum closer till twuz the most natcherul thang in the worl fer my arms to snake round her waist n pull her body to mine, n then thar wuz no hidin nuthin. n she put her nose nex to mine n a kiss wooda been easy, but i sed i dint kiss after reedin them cards. n she pulled back n stroked my face with a huge smile n acted lack i had jes passed a test.

we left n drove to her place n she wundered did i wonta cum in, but i sed i dint think twuz rite, but whenever i wuz trine to make that point, she gut a kiss in, n purty soon my hands gut to checkin places my eyes had dun tride not to go till her panties wuz down round one of her ankles n i wuz findin the rite rhythm with my fangers. n whenever she wuz done moanin and squirmin, she sed twuz the best she had ever had. n then she sed, 'ye know ye gut the power, don't ye?' but when i started to tell her i dint know whut she wuz a'talkin bout, she put her hand over my mouth, n nex thang i know, she wuz a'wavin at me frum her porch, n then she wuz gone.

corse, the power that wuz ackshly wurkin on her wuz the power of the third rule, witch i wuznt intrested in her a tall, even if she wuz bout as sexy as could be. i couldnt splain it, but i reckon that part of it wuz the wurkin of rule #6, witch ye dont care fer the sex ye kin git as much as ye do fer the sex ye cant git.

but that dint mean i woodnt go out with her agin, n purty soon we had dun the deed, n twuz rite nice. n sum kinda way, i wuz able to see her often a nuff even though i wuz really after laura russell. i cant splain it.

then one nite i cum to git her n as usual, she wusnt quite reddy, so she gut me to cum in while she finished n her apartmint wuz bout as messy as inny i had ever seen. i dint say nuthin, but twuz one more thang that made me wunder why i wuz leadin her on when i knew thar wuz no future fer us. but then she cum out n she wuz a wearin a new halter top that wernt much of nuthin ceptn sum thin beige cloth with a knot tied to keep it together n looked lack the knot could cum undun with a simple pull, n shure a nuff, my fangers wuz itchy to try it.

so we went n ate n then we saw that movie 'love and death' n it made us laff. n when we cum out, we run into laura russell n a bunch of the homer circle gang, n i tuck satisfackshun in seein how hurt laura wuz at seein me with gail.

then we went down by the lake to play with that knot, till it cum loose n purty soon we wuz wurked up n she sed why dint i cum back to her place, so we tride to tie the knot back but she sed we could leave it be, n even though it covered a lil more that way, twuz sexier since the lease breeze could egspoze everthang.

but whenever we gut to her place, we wuz in fer a huge sprize: sumbidy had cum in n thrown everthang she had into the floor of her livin room n she wuz scairt n ast me wood i let her stay with me n i tole her i wuz house sittin my ant but why not. she sed she wood jes git sumthin to wear to bed n then fer the nex day, but soon as she gut into her bedroom, she screamed n i cum a'runnin.

n i seen whar sumbidy had tuck her bed apart n leant it up in frunt of the window n in the middle of the floor thar wuz a pentagram scratched out in black soot n a black candle n other signs n she fell into my arms n cride n kep astin why woodnt they leave her alone?

twuz a scary momint. who had dun this? i could jes magine them a'cumin back to git us. i ast her did she wonta go n we practicly fun frum the lace.

she had mint to change, but she stayed dressed jes lack she wuz n dint brang no cloze fer the nex day. i tuck her over to ant sary's, witch twuz lucky i wuz house sittin fer her on a counta i dint wonta brang a woman to mama's fer the nite. n she loved ant sary's on a counta twuz full of anteeks on since ant sary counta she wuz a anteek dealer. n seem lack gail new a lot bout sum of them anteeks n she sed she wuz a egspurt in early murkin thangs. n i fell fer it n ast her why.

turnt out she had a tale to tell. she sed she had her a dream one nite whar she wuz in a ole fashion place n tied to a post n then she could see she wuz a'gone be burnt to death. n thar in the crowd a'lookin on wuz my face, witch she sed twuz me in a former life.

n whenever she tole that story to her mama, her mama tuck her to her grandmama n larnt that she wuz the image of a witch frum salem n her name had been abby, witch she always hated the name n now she wundered why. n they tole her she wuz a born witch n she wuz a powerful as they git.

then she tole me i wuz a witch too n i wuz even stronger than she wuz. n then she splained that thar wuz a coven thar in oak ridge n that coven wuz after her to join n that wuz why they kep attackin her. i wuz bout to say that wuz sum bunk, but then she gut to splainin who all wuz in the coven, n turnt out to be a lot of gurls i had met here n there. i dint even know they all knew each other. thar wuz iris at wurk. n three of the gurls that wuz always flurtin with me in biolgy lab. n chelle armstrong! n carla the short gurl!

gut so i could feel the lil hairs movin on my neck. how could she know all this? n all these folks! she even mentchuned deirdre frum wurk n dint nobidy know nuthin bout her n even so, with deirdre twuz nuthin but flirtin cross the cafeterya n sum phone calls.

whenever she could see i had dun started to take her seryus, she tuck my hands n put em under the ends of her blouse n kissed me n then we wuz a'doin the deed n then we woke up n she put on her dirty cloze n i drove her home.

we went in, n thar wuz a nuther sprize: her apartmint wuz all cleaned up, more'n i had ever seen it, n thar wuz no trace of the stuff we had found in her bedroom. n i tride to tell did she seem sprized n did she really wonta cum back.

but she seemed fine so i left her thar, n i tride to tell her next time we talked that i dint thank i wonted to continue on a counta i had a crazy bruther n last thang i needed to be playin round with wuz witchcraft n bla bla bla, but she stopped me befor i gut started good n sed she knew i had to leave her now but after tuther abi gut pregnunt, i wood wonta talk to her.

n i sed did that mean she dint wonta see me no more, on a counta as soon as she wuz the one sayin goodbye, then i wonted to keep on, but she sed twuznt a matter of whut she wonted but whut had to be n twuz sumthin we couldnt never escape.

n that wuz the last of gail fer a long while. n jes a sudden as she had cum out of the background, she disappeared back into it. n jc harding wood say he had dun seen her, n i wood ast when n whar. or i wood be a'sittin in the lounge n he wood ast why i wuz avoidin her, n i sed i hadnt seen her, n  he sed she wuz rite thar, n i ast whar, n he sed she had been rite thar a few mints ago. n whenever i called her number, thar wuz no anser.

twuz a long while befor i saw her agin. n i tole myself twuz fer the best on a counta she she wuz trubled n couldnt be no real witch.

but eli cum over one day n ast wuz i a'goin with that witch name of abby, n i ast him whar had he herd that on a counta nobidy in the fambly knew nuthin bout her. n i tole him i hadnt never been with no witch named abby nor no gurl neethur but i couldnt hep but wunder bout whut he knew.

i dint mentchun the witch name of gail.

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