Tuesday, February 24, 2004

revus of buddy don:
more of my favert blogs

on tuesdy of last week i cumments to ritin lil blog revus n my plan is to doot ever tuesdy. last week i gut started with a review of three faves, Voluntarily in China, Straight White Guy and SayUncle. i lack to put down my criteria fer whut i lack in a blog, witch heres a short reminder of the four thangs i wuz a'lookin at las week:

  1. fresh content: it needs to be fresh, meanin that mos everday thays new thangs to read.
  2. originull: it caint be a site that violates copyright as a reglar matter.
  3. variety of topic n/or point of view: it needs to have sum variety toot, meanin i dont generly add mire one-note blogs.
  4. well-writ: sum (or all) of the ritin has got to be good.

this week i wonta add a cuple of other criteria bout whut makes a blog a goodn:

  1. well-designed: thays sumthin cumpellin bout lookin at a verr well-designed blog. a cuple of eggzamples that probly everbidy knows is Calpundit n Talking Points Memo by Joshua Micah Marshall. they look to me lack the coulda been designed by perfeshnuls, witch far as i know they wuz, but ifn ye take a look, ye kin see whut passes fer nice to this hillbilly.
  2. ritin that gits close to literchur: aint nuthin much i lack inny bettern real good ritin. thays a few out thar thats gittin purty close to whut i thank of as literchur. i mentchuned the fine ritin marcia is puttin on her site name of purls before swine las week n i plan to innerduce a nuthern this week.

this site blongs to LissaKay n to my eyes, tiz a lil bit of a treat. i dont know near a nuff bout how ye kin cuntrol yer template the way she duz, but i plan to larn sumday. the site is a lil on the busy side n i wood lack to see it git updated a lot more often. but the overall concep n color n pitcher is rite nice. the layout makes it easy to read n yer eyes dont git tired. she uses movebull type. heres how she splained her move to a new server.

corse, i half to add mitt rite out that this blog could be labeled a 'one-noter' on a counta how it takes a verr strong stand, but whut i lack bout it is the amazin humor. ye dont find much of innythang as caustic as this fellers wit. but whut i lack is the overall ransom note feel of it. this old catman guy knows more tricks bout animayshun n clever ways of puttin thangs than i could ever hope to larn. i wood lank to sum eggzamples of his wurk, but i cant git his permalanks to wurk fer me. warnin: this site aint fer everbidy. ye could git yer feelins hurt n sum folks mite thank ole catman steps over the line now n then, but thats whut good arts spozed to do: disturb the calm n calm the disturbed. read it ifn ye dare!

did i ever menthun how thay aint much in life i lack bettern good ritin? this here site aint devoted to pall ticks. it dont have no axe to grind. tiz more of a personal blog, but whut makes it speshul in my pinion is debs abilty to rite haiku. ye dont git one everday, tho i look, but when ye do, she almos never misses. fack is, i aint found a miss yet, but i don't doubt how thar could be one. shes also technicully astute: her series of articulls on firefox cunvints me to try mozilla firefox 0.8. corse, taint a purrfeck solushun, witch ye kin larn more bout the possibull problems here. i aint had no problems with mine yet.

but tech add vice aint why i go thar. i go fer the haiku as much as innythang. corse, ye git to thankin bout these folks lack they wuz friends too. tiz my bleef that debs haiku wood be wurth savin on a counta ifn thay aint literchur, whut is? heres three grate ones with thar lanks:


The low silver moon
Brushes a shadow of pines
...snowdrifts in abstract



Misunderstood men
wear beautiful silk neckties
with insincere smiles



Slow-moving spider
silhouetted on the wall
...I can hear my heart


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