Sunday, February 15, 2004

revus of buddy don:
furst taste of sangle malt scotch whiskey

tuther day down at the likker store, miz bd n me found a empty spot on the shelf whar they keep yer jack daniel quarts, witch twuz a bit of a sprize. we wonted to try sumthin, so we mosied on over to whar thay had em sum sangle malt whiskeys frum scotland, but we couldnt cum to no deecishun on a counta thay wuz too much to choose frum with prices frum $35 up fer a sangle bottle. we settled on a bottle of black bush, witch thats a irish blended whiskey that miz bd had sum fond recolleckshuns bout frum the furst time she had it over in greece.

but we wonted to try one of them sangle malt scotches fer a few reasons. furst, we wuz marrd over in edinburgh, scotland. secunt, we each had a slew of ancestors frum scotland. n thurd, yer rocky top brigade is partly dedicated to yer sangle malt, tho i cant figger whar ye kin git one fer $20 lessn yer payin by the drank over in midtown manhattan.

so i rote a note over to eric at strate white guy astin his assistunts in the seeleckshun of a sangle malt scotch n nex thang ye know, he writ up a splainayshun bout how ye git started in a post name of 'amber nectar.' ye kin read sum of the discusshun in the comments, witch im postin my comments below.

but i wonted to say a few wurds bout likker that i dint ritely unnerstan whenever i wuz younger, witch tiz this: ever likker is differnt n taint only in the taste but also in the effeck. whenever i wuz younger, i figgerd twuz jes a way to git ye drunk sos ye could ack a fool, witch chantses are ye wuz a fool ifn ye thought that only ye wuz in plentiful cumpny. i figgerd alcohol wuz alcohol n ye drunk it to git drunk. i hadnt never noticed no differnt effeck twixt one likker or tuther. so i dint much care fer drankin till i wuz much older n larnt how ye could take jes a wee dab at a time, slow lack, sos ye could saver the effeck. i gut started once i moved to 'the city,' witch thats how folks in manhattan calls manhattan. one of the main thangs folks duz here is go out to eat, so they dun got rite good at it. they dun analyzed everthang bout eatin out n they have hole magazines devoted to the subjeck of whar ye kin eat n how ye should do it n all. corse thar analysis included the drankin of wine n other thangs n quick as i moved here, folks gut to skoolin me till i could tell the differnts twixt how ye felt frum a red or a white or even differnt flavors of em lack merlots or chiantis or pino grigiots.

then a few years ago, i tried sum jack daniels. i hadnt had nun fer near twenty years. i tuck my time with it, treatin lack twuz a fine wine, sippin it slow. twuz a dee light. twuz a differnt feel frum wine or innythang else. that jack wuznt jes a nuther deelivery system fer alcohol on a counta the feelin it deeliverd wuz differnt frum yer red wines or yer white wines or yer moonshines of whutever.

innywho, i red all of erics add vice. then me n miz bd went shoppin n cum home with sum sangle malt whiskey frum the isle of skye. here's the revu i writ fer eric, witch heres the furst half:

 jes figgerd we wood check in fer a progress report. we found all them sangle malts ye mentchuned n wuz sprized to find one they wonted $349 fer, witch twuz sumthin name of bruichladdich frum 1969.

innywho, we settled on the one frum the isle of skye name of talisker fer $45. we jes now pored us one each, witch we lacks to drank ours without no additives of inny kind. we give a toast to the rocky top brigade, tuck a deep sniff, n cummenced.

delicut scent, suttle, sprizing flavor. more of the kinda bite i lack frum jack that we dint git frum black bush. further testin indicayted.

Posted by buddy don on February 14, 2004 04:30 PM

n here's the secunt half:

nex day's musins on furst tastin of talisker aged ten year. we drunk it neat n saverd the eggsperients:

1. smell: twuz unlack inny likker i had ever drunk befor. neethur me nor the wife could identify whut it smelt lack. she furst sed twuz lack creosote. i disagreed. she later amended that pinion after tastin. we never could cum up with a wurd fer it. ye used 'peppery' n that fits it purty close.

2. taste: verr suttle, smooth as smoke or sumthin. a compellin after taste makes ye wont a lil more, witch we tuck it.

3. effeck: quick to hit yer gut n hed, a nice feelin. me n miz bd sat talkin bout thangs, nicely relaxed. we put on sum osborne brothers n sipped a lil more.

thays a ole sayin bout how likker'll enhants desire n improov oppertunty but deeminish performunts, but im here to tell ye how taint always the case. me n the miz dun proovd it.

i wood call it 'true romants.'

corse, i wuz talkin bout musick whenever i mentchuned performunts, her on guitar n me on mandlin. ;^Þ

Posted by buddy don on February 15, 2004 07:26 AM

ifn ye go over to that article, ye kin read sum of erics splainashuns bout how the peat is part of whut gives this here sangle malt such a speshul taste. tiz a dee light.

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