Wednesday, February 11, 2004

pains of buddy don:
migraine: taint over till tiz

i thank the wurst thang bout migraines is how ye cant use yer willpower to beat em. yesterdy mornin, i had dun had a nuff. thays a desk full or wurk to be dun n i aint got a doubt that the pile is risin while im not thar chopping it down. so i deecided i wood be well yesterdy n gut reddy fer wurk made a blog entry n went off on the bus. got a call frum my boss astin how wuz i, witch i tole him i wuz trine to git back up to speed n i wuz on the bus on the way to wurk. twuz later than hes used to on a counta hes used to me bein the furst person to arrive ever mornin.

i mite have fooled myself a lil, mayhap bout as much as a bald man with a bad comb-over, but my crew wuz not fooled. the instunt they saw me they started in with, 'Boss, what are you going here? You always tell us to stay home when we're sick and look at you!' i couldnt backtalk em much on a counta how i needed to git to sum place whar i could upchuck. turnt out nuthin wuz cumin up, but that dint stop my rib muscles frum givin sevrul good paneful squeezes befor i give it up. then i cum home n gut back into the bed n tride to wait out the day. miz bd called up the docter n gut me a pointment fer this mornin at 9:45 am. i doubt thars much he kin do, but a bidy cant hep but hope tiz nuthin but a migraine (no brain tumor nor nuthin lack that).

main thang is, i gut to git sumthin besides frova to take fer the symptums.

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