Monday, June 16, 2003

proovin the negativ

sum folks thanks ye kin proov a negativ n sum folks thanks taint possbul n thays bof rite dependin on the negativ yer trine to proov

at first it aint a parent that ye cant proov ever negativ n i spose most folks dun knows it tho ye gotta wunder on a cownta the way folks keeps a usin it n tendin lack its proovin sumpn

i furst cum upon this concep whenever i startid to wunder bout wuther or not thay was a god n speshly wuther ye cud proov thay wudnt witch ye cant proov it n ever case n heres why cordin to how i figger it. ifn ye wanna proov thay aint no god then ye'd have to know whut god was n whar god cud hide n all the qualties god cud have lack wuther god cud live fer ever. next ye wud have to show ye dun sercht ever whar god cud be hidin n since thays a infinit univers n a eturntee fer god to be hid in, then ye wud almos have to be god to proov thay aint a god on a cownta ye wud have to splain that ye had dun lookt everwhar thay ever was n nowhar did ye fine god but to do that ye wud have to be everwhar at all times n then ye wud be a lot lack god

thats howt peers to me inywho. point is thays negativ thangs ye kin prove like wuther the ainshunt egypshuns lacked seinfield witch ye kin proov thay probly dint have tv n probly dint have the acters fer it but ye cant proovt absolootly since ye cant go back n look see

so lately thays usin this bizness of proovn the negativ on folks. thay spected clinton to proov he hadnt dun the thangs thay wuz claimin he dun in that whitewater land deal n thay was so tuck with thayselvs that thay spent millyuns proovin thay cudnt proov hed dun inythang rong

seem lack this here cuntry wudnt sposed to work thataway: ye wuz sposed to be insent till proovd gillty

thin we pullt the same trick on iraq by trine to make em proov thay dint have weapons witch we wuz sure thay had em n all witch it makes ye wunder ifn thay dun proved that or not

but seem lack we did proov whuther thayd use em if thay wuz atakt n that them wepons musta bin too well hid to be used in 45 mints

so whut im curyas about is whuther yer insent till proovd gillty or gillty till ye proov yer insent

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